District 4 recount completed, hand count same as computer tally

August 12, 2022


The San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder’s Office has completed a recount of the ballots in the District 4 supervisorial race, resulting in the exact same vote totals as the initial tally.

Supervisor Lynn Compton

Arroyo Grande Councilman Jimmy Paulding unseated incumbent Supervisor Lynn Compton in District 4. Paulding received 10,769 votes, or 51.53 percent, and Compton garnered 10,130 votes, or 48.47 percent, according to both the initial tally and the recount.

Elections officials used machines to count the votes in the initial tally. Clerk-recorder’s office personnel counted the votes by hand during the recount, and observers monitored them as they did so.

Paso Robles resident Darcia Stebbens requested the recount. Stebbens stated in a letter to the county that she requested the recount on behalf of Compton, but not necessarily at the request of the incumbent supervisor.

Stebbens has already paid the county thousands of dollars to fund the recount. The clerk-recorder’s office has yet to determine whether Stebbens owes more money.

Local conservatives reportedly donated to help fund the recount.

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Vote by mail is the best way to vote. Do not have to miss work during the week, can think about the candidates and read their ideas at you kitchen tables, send your ballots and complete your duty in 5 minutes.If you do not trust public servants ,i am sorry for you, if you do not trust the Post office ,i am sorry for you,if you do not believe in Democratie ,i am sorry for you.

Today you bought someting at Wall Mart, Home Depot or gas with your credit card and you trusted their system but you are not going to trust our voting system? What is wrong with you?

Word is that the Libs have put small children, abducted from Hillary’s pizza parlor, inside the voting machines. These children have been hypnotized and ordered to eat all the Republican ballots they can. Officials from the Republican national committee along with Kevin McCarthy are urging Republican voters to slip pop tarts into the ballot receptacles in order to keep the children fed so that they won’t eat the Republican ballots. Make America great again!

Let’s remember why Jimmy Paulding won, despite his district being Gerrymandered against him: Lynn Compton accomplished nothing worthwhile for her district; Jimmy Paulding did a remarkable and upstanding job as city Councilman for Arroyo Grande. Bottom line: the better candidate won fair and square. Thank God

Lets return to voting in person with allowances for those that can not. Time to stop this mailing out ballots to everyone and anyone.

Why? The count was exact. I’ve been voting by mail for 40 years and only since Donald Trump opened his mouth about fraud, has there been a question. Mail-in voting has proven to be accurate everywhere it’s used, including Utah and Oregon.

Yes, let’s start with working people who can not take time off, single mother who need to pick up the kids, older people who can not drive, military personnel oversea, black people without id, Felons,etc. soon only retired Trumpist will vote .

Good for him. Let’s see how long it takes him before he blows his opportunity. It shouldn’t take long.

Just to be sure, I think the Republican Party should pay to check it at least two more times. More if they can afford it. Maybe get Trump to do a fundraiser to pay for a dozen recounts just to make sure the Libs didn’t pull another fast one.

Recounting money fake and/or real money in the pile does not make the net amount of money one has be anymore real.

The fake money requires a forensic evaluation…. need to test the money for FAKE…

So don’t judge the results so quickly….more to come…the best is yet to come!

Looking for smudges to see under the black light? …They aren’t what you think they are. ;-)

Honestly these conspiratorial wet dreams need to be put to bed.

I feel the same about Hillary Clinton and her failed Russian hoax.

Clinton never argued that the voting was fraudulent. It’s well documented that she was the victim of a Russian disinformation campaign that wanted to see Trump in the White House. Look it up.

Does this make you uncomfortable?

Many requests for data from the election P 2022 were and are DENIED and at best delayed such that they can become almost ineffective requests. Passive Aggressive behavior is alive and well in the Clerk Recorder’s Office.

Your first clue as to the deeper problems here.

Do you know how many agencies have their hands on the voter rolls?

I get it, out of ignorance it is easy to take a path of HIDE IT NOW AND HIDE IT OFTEN!

Did any of you nay sayers understand what transparency MEANS? There could be a minimum of 10 law suits as to the HOW the “recount” was supported or thwarted.

Truth is truth but when us suppress it begins to look bad….

Geez, what is your beef? The votes were counted entirely TWICE. Once by hand with any observers present who wanted to watch. Monitors could also be present during the first counting. The count was exactly the same. Where is the lack of transparency?

If you have evidence of absolutely any fraud, please tell us and county officials. What are you waiting for?

Thanks for the public benefit assuring that we have accuracy in our local elections. This is good, onward and upward.