Helios Dayspring checks into prison

August 30, 2022


San Luis Obispo County marijuana mogul Helios Dayspring surrendered to the Federal Correctional Institution in Mendota (FCI Mendota) last week to begin a 22 month sentence for bribery and tax fraud.

Former-supervisor Adam Hill

Dayspring admitted to paying bribes to then-San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill for favorable votes on his cannabis business interests and for deliberately failing to report millions of dollars in income to the IRS. Dayspring agreed to plead guilty to both felony offenses, pay $3.4 million in restitution to the IRS, and cooperate in the government’s ongoing investigation, as part of a plea agreement.

During his sentencing, Dayspring’s attorney requested Dayspring spend his incarceration at the Federal Correctional Institution in Lompoc where it would be easier for family and friends to visit him.

Instead, Dayspring will serve his time in Fresno County at FCI Mendota’s minimum security satellite camp.

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The corruption continues with the City of SLO ignoring the fact that Helios Dayspring owns a controlling interest in Megan’s Organic Market and SLOCAL Roots, both of which are front organizations for money laundering and California Dept of Cannabis Control license fraud. In July this year Dayspring spelled out how he conspired with Megan Souza, Eric Powers, and Nick Andre in NHC SLO LLC vs City of SLO (case #21CV-0734) to fraudulently obtain all three SLO City cannabis store permits. The Mayor at the time Heidi Harmon seemingly unwittingly helped structure the selection process and criteria to favor Dayspring and his co-conspirators. Harmon was having a sexual relationship with Quinn Brady, her assistant/campaign manager at the time. Quinn Brady now works for the Dayspring front organization MOM INC a Delaware Corp in which shareholder information has been kept secret. Harmon literally got into bed with the criminals and was influenced by the pillow talk. The City Attorney knows about MOM INC but has negligently looked the other way to avoid finding out who really owns the shares and thus control of the stores. Anyone with information about this ongoing cannabis fraud should email compliance@cannabis.ca.gov

Megan’s Organic Market and SLOCAL Roots are his criminal front organizations actively laundering his money and carrying the business forward. And Eric Powers and Megan Souza are the friendly phoney faces on the criminal organization. Nick Andre, Tara Graves, and.Mark Cardona are the other three people listed as directors of the MOM INC Delaware Corporation, all obviously designed to hide Helios Dayspring’s controlling ownership interest after the shit hit the fan.The City of SLO needs to admit they overlooked the fraud committed by these liars and cancel their permits. It will continue to be a black eye on the County and legal weed industry. FBI please finish the job!

I wonder what Helios real name is ?? Reminds me of the guy who had money and friends in SLO GOV …who beat up his girlfriend and frauded multiple people ..He was allowed to change his name and be sentenced under his new name

That was Ryan Petetit who changed his name to Ryan Wright. Calcoast news did great coverage of the shady dealings of Mr Petetit-Wright.

A satellite camp.Sounds cozy.He can easily run the show from there.

Think of it as a vacation.

Yep. He’ll emerge as he enters — a very rich man.

“Hell emerge” interesting choice of words, “very rich” like a camel going through the eye of a needle. His health is a question given that gut. One can suppose existence will be about 10 years, 22 months in prison divided by 120 months overall … hmmm … sad choice Mr. Mendota. Mercy on you, we hope.

The sad truth is there are many customers who want and legally can buy his product. These many customers vote their will too and one can only imagine what their will is? More dope, free money, entitlements galore at the expense of all those nasty corporations’ and filthy rich dishonest people, could be what they are thinking? Makes being a hard working field worker supporting a family a desirable situation that is immune from these negative talking points. Everyone else is at home working on their computer doing whatever, selectively answering their messages or in bed asleep until their secret phone rings? When you think about who has to scramble, Helios might be the hardest worker and will need this deserved rest. After all, he worked hard to be eligible for a $3.4 million dollar fine?