Lawsuit accuses Paso Robles winery managers of sexual harassment

August 27, 2022


A federal agency filed a lawsuit against Justin Vineyards & Winery in Paso Robles and the Wonderful Company in Los Angeles over allegations of sexual harassment, unwanted sexual touching and retaliation, according to a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Thursday.

For more than five years, managers at the winery allegedly subjected female employees working in the production facility and at the restaurant to unwanted and repeated sexual advances, sexual comments and sexually offensive conduct. Supervisors allegedly touched female employees’ buttocks, waist and breasts, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit accuses management of “rubbing of genitals on female subordinate employees, unwanted hugging and kissing, forcible kissing on the mouth, grabbing on the hands, snapping of bra straps, nibbling on the ear, biting on the shoulder, exposure of male employees’ private body parts, texting inappropriate photos, and stroking employees’ hair.”

Despite receiving complaints, neither the winery or The Wonderful Company took adequate steps to stop the ongoing sexual harassment. Instead, some female employees who complained faced retaliation or were forced to leave the workplace, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit seeks monetary damages for the claimants, including compensatory and punitive damages, and injunctive relief against the company to prevent such unlawful conduct in the future.

“Employers who fail to take action to address sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace create an environment that encourages this behavior. As a result, employees may be hesitant to voice their complaints; however, they have protections under federal law,” said Christine Park-Gonzalez, acting district director for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Los Angeles District.

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Since there is allot truth serum going around, did Paul Flores ever work there?

So its not just 1 Supervisor, but “Supervisors”?? SO what is this? Once you make Supervisor you were given the freedom to rub your genitals against the women and stroke their hair?? Amongst these other bothersome and obscene behaviors?

Years ago, the girls working at Denny’s in MB reported sexual harassment against the manager. The Owners did nothing. Not surprised they lost their restaurant.

All those hours of training regarding sexual harassment and nothing sunk in?. Kinda like cops who keep pounding people even knowing they may be on video

Ya I agree, the let’s get tipsy industry needs to be more professional and require house rules so that touching and grabbing can be permitted under posted and agreed terms of the establishment. This would include filthy language and suggestive discussions. Any person that violates these rules by repeated attempts to be a hoyty toyty individual must be terminated or removed from the premises.

The antisemitism in the article you cite is….just unbelievable. There are plenty of A-hole robber barons in the US, and most would self-proclaim Christianity.

Besides, Jesus was King of the Jews…so really what exactly is your issue?

Ya I was also shocked by the title of the article and had to check for myself – then spent the next 5 minutes of my life that i’ll never get back trying not to vomit.

I can’t believe this is stuff that people really hang their hat on. I was so grossed out by this that I felt the need to create an account just to comment. So that’s saying a whole lot!

I think the wineries owners attitude towards women is the same is that towards the water basin, pump and dump.

The Water-Banking, Water-Thief owner of Justin Winery (who paid $1 million to stop the recall of Gavin Newsome) deserves to be sued into bankruptcy.

Illegally clear cutting all those oak trees years ago finally did allow Karma to make itself known …Beside wine fermentation being carried on , must have been alot of cocaine floating around to spur on the sexual giddiness and unwanted advances….Cocaine and Wine is like …peanut butter and jelly

so what you’re saying is they need a big glass of ice cold milk.

#changemymind lol