San Luis Obispo man arrested for robbery, assault

August 27, 2022


Atascadero police arrested a San Luis Obispo man on Friday for allegedly assaulting and robbing a man at Stadium Park.

Shortly after 1 a.m., staff at Twin Cities Community Hospital informed officers they were treating a man who had suffered substantial injuries during an assault in Atascadero. The victim told officers he was sitting on a bench at Stadium Park when a man struck him with an unknown object.

The assailant allegedly robbed the victim, taking his cell phone and other personal items before fleeing the scene.

Officers quickly tracked down the alleged assailant, 31-year-old Garrett Michael Dollens, based on a description of his clothing. During a search of Dollens’ vehicle, officers located the victim’s phone and personal belongings.

Officers booked Dollens in the SLO County Jail on charges of robbery and battery with his bail set at $50,000.

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Plea to misdemeanor assault to keep the DA’s conviction numbers up for reelection. No jail time. Soon to be back in A-Town with continued free benefits, SSI crazy pay for drugs and free food either from “non-profits” with high-salaried managers all funded by taxpayer money, or just walk out with it from Vons, lots of Vons packaging in Sunken Gardens during post-breakfast nap/passed out time. They don’t even bother calling the police anymore. Oh yeah, and now we’re expected to pay $1,000,000 per unit for free housing, that’s not made up, that’s what it costs after SLOHA and People’s Self-Help (aptly named) executive salaries. TMHA and SLOCAP are the same. If you want to go further, talk to me about the enormous scam that is Goodwill Industries.

Repeat offender aided and abetted by a soft on crime govervor.

Not his first offense. In 2015, he did almost the exact same thing, He hit someone and then stole their cell phone.

“…Paso Robles Police officers were dispatched to the 2100 block of Spring Street regarding a robbery, where they met with a victim who told police that he was struck in the face with a rolling pin and had his cellular phone stolen…”

Sounds like it works. I personally can’t deal with the inconvenience of a couple days a jail but if I could I’d be whacking people in the head and stealing cell phones left and right. And what’s with the rolling pin? I’d have to go to my Mom’s house to get one. I’d just use the empty wine bottle I use as a rolling pin.