Local group protests Hobby Lobby coming to SLO

August 9, 2022


Arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby is preparing to open a store in San Luis Obispo, a location the Gala Pride and Diversity Center is urging shoppers to boycott.

Hobby Lobby is planning on opening a store at the SLO Promenade on Madonna Road. Headquartered in Oklahoma City and operating in 47 U.S. states, as well as internationally, Hobby Lobby is the largest arts and crafts retailer in the world, according to the company’s website.

The company promotes Christian values and causes. Hobby Lobby states that it is “committed to honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with biblical principles.”

Hobby Lobby successfully sued the federal government over a mandate that employee health plans include contraceptives. The United States Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of Hobby Lobby in the case.

In Illinois court, Hobby Lobby lost a case over transgender bathrooms. A transgender female employee successfully sued the company over it denying her access to the women’s bathroom.

Additionally, Hobby Lobby and its ownership have been involved in controversies over religious teachings in public schools and the smuggling of religious artifacts.

Late last month, the Gala Pride and Diversity Center released a statement saying Hobby Lobby has routinely been at the heart of anti-LGBTQ controversies and has played a direct part in the overturn of Roe v. Wade. The group urged local shoppers to boycott Hobby Lobby.

“Hobby Lobby, a national chain of arts and craft stores, has been at the center of a number of anti-LGBTQ controversies that have resulted in regressive legislation. In fact, the precedent set by Hobby Lobby directly contributed to many of the recent unacceptable rulings made by the Supreme Court, as well as the threats certain justices have made to continue to roll back protections such as the right to access birth control and the right for LGBTQ+ people to marry, have relationships or access healthcare and equal housing and employment,” the Gala center said in the statement.

“From the overturning of Roe v. Wade to permitting public school teachers to lead their students in prayer regardless of student faith or consent, this June has continued to bring blow after blow from the Supreme Court to our civil liberties. Hobby Lobby’s bigotry has played a direct part in the path to these decisions. The Gala Pride & Diversity Center stands against Hobby Lobby, and encourages you to spend your money elsewhere, such as our local Art Central on Monterey Street, or Michaels at 273 Madonna Road SLO. We should not put more money into the pockets of a family that actively seeks to eliminate the separation of church and state and to make discrimination the law of the land.”

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In my town we have a Hobby Lobby. What strikes me every time I am in there is all the Moms and children shopping for the knick-knacks to build some piece of art or home project that binds Mom to children! Builds memories, happiness! Those kill joys at Gala should find some happiness in their lives and leave Hobby Lobby and their customers to do what they do best.

Yep, I love Hobby Lobby. I like to build model ships and they offer me the chance to peruse these kits and buy any peripheral items rather than simply seeing them online.

If I took a stand against their politics I would be a hypocrite.

For example, I’m also a San Francisco Giant fan. One of their owners, Charles Johnson, has consistently contributed money to candidates that I find loathsome, such as Lauren Boebert in Colorado. Johnson is an ass, in my opinion, but I will continue to buy tickets to attend Giants’ games because I love the team.

So, too will I buy merchandise from Hobby Lobby if they have what I like. I appreciate the first amendment right of GALA to speak out, but at least one liberal will not be boycotting HL.

I can’t wait for the store to open, but quite frankly wish it were somewhere else. SLO has lost its charm and I am sick of these groups, GALA , BLM, who have ruined the town. I wish THEY were boycotted! If you don’t like what the business stands for, then you are just as prejudiced as you claim they are and have no business making a scene. Look in the mirror! And stop trying to cram your sick lifestyle down everyone’s throats.

I drew a line a long time ago. Hobby Lobby is not on my side .Period

Fine, order online with Amazon and support the corporate Bolshevik’s of the CCP that persecute Muslims and Christians and deny human rights and dignity to tens of millions.

I wonder if the activist groups understand that this tactic often calls attention to the new business, and actually encourages folks to go there, many out of total defiance and annoyance. Who TRULY believes that when you shop at a business like this you encourage discrimination? You help the local economy when you support new businesses. Supporting human rights for the LGBTQ community is a good cause, but not this way. It looks silly to go after fake flowers, glue guns, sparkle crafts and quilting yarn.

You don’t support the local economy when you shop at chains like Hobby Lobby. They suck the profits out of town, leave behind a few low-paid crappy jobs, then use their profits for their own purposes. Shop locally owned stores if you want to support the local economy.

So a really small minority group/population that is constantly making news lashing out at and shaming those who disagree with their agenda by screaming, Phobics!, Hateful!, Bigoted!, Intolerant!, are really in fact, Phobics, Hateful, Bigoted, and Intolerant.

Who knew?

Just like the Jan 6th traitors and the gop in general, a small minority group/population that is constantly making news lashing out at and shaming those who disagree with their agenda by screaming, Phobics!, Hateful!, Bigoted!, Intolerant!, are really in fact, Phobics, Hateful, Bigoted, and Intolerant.

The words you say will either acquit you or condemn you.

The truth (and facts) hurt most those who refuse to accept it…….(and them)

To GALA: get a life!

I heard the janitor kicked a dog once. That’s it. I’m boycotting.

Great that they promote having a hobby, much can be learned by doing (as said at Cal Poly).

Not only will I enjoy shopping there I will be encouraging everyone I know to shop there. No longer can we go downtown and shop thanks to a fake liberal and coward Heidi Harmon who mysteriously disappeared when the rug was pulled out from underneath her buddy Helio.