Monkey living outside Paso Robles dials 9-1-1

August 16, 2022


While law enforcement in San Luis Obispo County deal with their fair share of “monkey business,” a 9-1-1 call from a small, hairy primate surprised sheriff deputies.

On Saturday night, county dispatchers received a 9-1-1 call, but no one was talking. They tracked the call to Zoo to You near Paso Robles.

Deputies responded to the zoo offices, but no one had called 9-1-1.

“Was someone trying to make us look like a monkey’s uncle?” deputies asked.

Shortly afterwards, zoo staff realized Route the Capuchin monkey was the culprit. Route, they believe, snatched the zoo’s cell phone from the zoo’s golf cart and began pushing buttons.

“As you can tell from these photos, Route is a little embarrassed by the whole thing,” the Sheriff’s Department posted on Facebook. “But you can’t really blame her, after all monkey see, monkey do.”

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“Monkey living outside of Paso Robles…”

This is an odd headline. You make it sound like he’s got his own apartment.

“I haven’t seen monkey in awhile. What’s he up to these days?”

“Oh you know, he’s doing good! He’s still working at that mobile zoo, but he got his own little studio outside of Paso not long ago and is loving the independence.”

How about “Mischievous Monkey from Mobile Zoo uses Mobile Phone to Crank Call Paso Cops”

Still awkward but way more to the actual point

Route a.k.a george. Quick, call the man in the yellow hat!

Was this a case of Monkey see, Monkey do?

Somebody needs to point this out. First case of monkey pox in our county….coincides with a monkey calling for help. Coincidence? I think this warrants further investigation.

Maybe the monkey thought there was a banana shortage.