Paso Robles DUI checkpoint leads to one arrest, eight citations

August 30, 2022


A DUI checkpoint conducted in Paso Robles over the weekend resulted in one arrest for driving under the influence and eight citations for driving without a license.

Paso Robles police conducted the checkpoint in the 900 block of Creston Road between 7 p.m. on Saturday and 1 a.m. Sunday. Police choose checkpoint locations based on a history of crashes and DUI arrests.

The California Office of Traffic Safety funded the checkpoint over the weekend through a grant via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Paso Robles police will hold another DUI and driver’s license checkpoint between September and January.

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Six hours of check point stops and one arrest, not only unconstitutional but a waste of public funds. How many officers were involved? If they had been out patrolling, they could have done some good but may not have been able to rack up overtime.

Curious how it is always Niblick or Creston Road where they set these checkpoints up. Maybe try Spring St – Park corridor where all the alcohol is sold?

PRPD has conducted sobriety checkpoints on Spring Street.

True. It was 5 checkpoints ago. 14th and Spring.

The last 4; Goldenhill & Creston, Creston Rd by Sherwood, 13th & N River rd., and Niblick.

If your intent is to deter drunk driving, or catch those that are, you would place checkpoints near drinking establishments, and that is downtown. Though that may go against the whole free wheeling drinking vibe the City is pushing on tourists.

Police should have a checkpoint (and put patrol cars) on Cournty Road 14. CR14 is loaded with dangerous DUI drivers.