Paso Robles school board votes to protect gender-specific names

August 24, 2022


The Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board voted Tuesday for a resolution requiring the district to reject any mandates attempting to replace “traditional gender-specific names.”

A board member suggested the resolution after learning of a proposal from the National Education Association, which was eventually discarded, to mandate changes to gender-specific names. The proposal suggested replacing language such as mother with “birthing parent” or father with “non-birthing parent.”

During the meeting, members and supporters of the LGBTQ community voiced concerns that the resolution could cause harm, including bullying and ridicule. One student voiced concerns that students prone to bullying would be empowered by the vote.

Superintendent Curt Dubost said that individual students who have changed their name and gender must be afforded that right.

The board then voted 4-3 to approve the resolution with trustees Nathan Williams, Tim Gearhart and Lance Gannon dissenting.

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What a joke. Does this worthless school district have nothing better to do than waste time and taxpayer dollars on nonexistent issues? Classrooms are overcrowded, the quality of education is pathetic, there aren’t enough qualified personnel, but thank gawd they can’t teach six year olds critical race theory or call someone’s parents another word besides mom and dad. Because that’s what was really stopping them from succeeding.

One of the worst run districts in our area. Multiple financial scandals, employee scandals, and poor pay.

“The proposal suggested replacing language such as mother with “birthing parent” or father with “non-birthing parent.” This sort of lunacy needs to stop. Society is wasting SO much energy on this baloney, diverting from the real disasters we really face. Good for you Paso.

The real lunacy is that these clowns make six figures a year and yet the 5th graders don’t know their times table.

Reacting to “a proposal from the National Education Association which was eventually discarded”. Why not use this time and effort to adjust administrative salaries and get teachers a raise?

The reason a member is on a board is to vote, not dissent .


Hey Sherlock..A dissent is a vote against.

Abstaining is officially avoiding a vote.

You should abstain (from voting or sometimes opining) if you have a conflict of interest or if you are wholly uninformed on a subject…..

Correct Dr. Watson, might be time to upgrade my old 1.0 readers !

2.8 million years of male and female ingrained in the DNA of humanity, and only in the last 15 years does anyone claim that’s an error.

Thank you Paso, for reaffirming truth and reality.

Really, 15 years? Transgender people are simply a product of the current time period?

Wow. Hard for me to believe that.

You might want to talk to individuals such as Caitlyn Jenner, famous Olympian who claims she was really a woman some 40 years ago, or Amy Schneider, millionaire winner on Jeopardy who has been living as a woman for 30 years.

How many other examples are there of children having to call Mom, Dad, or vice versa. Probably more than you’d like.

Quite a sheltered life you live there Messkit.

Can’t be accommodating to everyone all the time; it’s not feasible. Too many niche groups demanding this and that. The majority isn’t even accommodated well enough lol; there’s way too much focus on the minority to make it fair for anyone :/