San Luis Obispo woman arrested for hit-and-run crash

August 2, 2022


San Luis Obispo police arrested a 32-year-old woman on Tuesday for an alleged hit-and-run crash that injured an 87-year-old man.

On July 22, a female driver was exiting a condominium complex in the 2400 block of Victoria Avenue when she struck the 87-year-old man. She then fled in a red, newer model Toyota Prius, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

The elderly man suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Officers booked Suzanne Erwin in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of hit-and-run, and violating her post release supervision in lieu of $50,000 bail.

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FINALLY- A hit and run is being taken seriously.

I was the victim of same in 2006 on Madonna Road, cops did nothing, I tracked her down myself. I found her car the next day and was told “we’re too busy” to come out. After going to the watch commander the next day and identifying her from photos, the police finally contacted her. I had whiplash and damage to my car, totaling about $7000 altogether. It devalued my car as now a Carfax would show the accident. I asked to be kept in the loop. NOTHING! She was to pay restitution, and I got one check for $75 and then she conveniently disappeared. Probation lost track of her.

If these people are not fully prosecuted, my story will become even more common. Please don’t let these people get away with this kind of bad irresponsible behavior.

Please everyone… when you come up to a driveway stop sign or a crosswalk please come to a full stop and don’t race up to it… there is a white line in front of a crosswalk and that’s where you need to stop… especially when turning right… if you can’t see oncoming traffic from the line slowly move up till you can… and slow down… stop being in such a hurry!…..

And look both ways, many a time I’ve almost pulled in front of a bicycle riding the wrong way.