Semi-truck loaded with oranges crashes, burns in Templeton

August 16, 2022


A semi-truck transporting oranges crashed on Highway 101 near Highway 46 in Templeton Tuesday morning, causing a fire and littering the highway with debris.

Shortly after 4 a.m., the driver was headed northbound when his truck drove off the road and hit a guardrail. The crash ruptured the truck’s fuel tank and the truck became engulfed in flames.

The collision scatter 48 bins of oranges on and near the highway. The 31-year-old semi-truck drive walked away uninjured.

Shortly before 8 a.m., a van headed southbound on Highway 101 swerved to avoid stopped traffic, spun out and and crashed through a perimeter fence. The CHP reports minor injuries incurred in the second crash.

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Hey, does anybody have a clue? Just wondering…. who picks up all the spilled oranges off the highway? Caltrans employee’s? What a mess.

I was wondering why there was a low traffic count on my way to SLO today, a real example of how many commute from Paso Robles to San Luis Obispo. This actuary should be considered when The City of Paso Robles approves housing projects because the Cuesta Grade corridor already has cross traffic issues that are exacerbated with Paso Robles growth. Wake up SLOCOG (this includes the me, me first, Cities and County leaders) !

First, SB traffic wasn’t effected. I drove through there at 7:15 with no issues. Next, everyone screams about affordable housing. More housing eases the high costs. You can’t have a growing population and affordable housing without development. Finally, we all pay these things called taxes. Taxes can be used to build more roads.

I totally agree on the use of taxes but 66% of our property taxes goes to education and the remainder obviously goes to, ya right!, you bet it does. It was my oversight that the traffic was affected in the northerly direction. I did make the wrong assumption on that but it did seem like the traffic was slow today in the southbound direction too. ??

I came SB with no slowdown. As the 101 is a US highway there should be plenty of $ from the gas taxes that we pay and all of the infrastructure spending. We also pay tons in state taxes on gasoline and car registration. There’s no shortage of $, just inefficiencies. I also stand behind my statement that we desperately need to build houses. Even if there is a downturn, we will need it in the next up cycle, just like now.