SLO County approves $25 million contract to build Templeton dispatch facility

August 25, 2022


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a $25 million contract for the construction of a dispatch facility in Templeton.

Santa Maria-based Diani Building Corporation will construct the new dispatch center at 356 N. Main Street in Templeton. The 17,000 square-foot facility will unite the dispatch units of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office and Fire Department, the latter of which is operated by Cal Fire.

Collectively, the sheriff’s office and Cal Fire provide dispatching and emergency services across SLO County, with the exception of the cities of Atascadero, Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo. Upon the opening of the new facility, dispatchers will no longer operate apart from each other in undersized, outdated and deficient buildings, county officials says.

“This is going to be very important,” Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Nate Paul said in a statement. “This represents a significant improvement to our operational capabilities, both as a sheriff’s office alone and in coordination with Cal Fire to meet the growing needs of our county.”

Local Cal Fire Battalion Chief David Fowler also issued a statement praising the project.

“Consolidating the county’s two biggest dispatch centers is improving our service to the public,” Fowler said. “Right now, all of our communications are over the phone, radio and computers. In the new facility, we’re going to be able to walk right across the hall and have a conversation – that increases efficiency and response time.”

Workers will construct the facility in line with SLO County’s ENERGYWISE Plan. The dispatch center will have electric vehicle charging stations, a rooftop solar power generation system and preparations for a future electric battery storage system.

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We need Modern facilities. Every time something is going on, almost the same people post negative remarks. they’re using the internet to complain about technology.

You can’t imagine how many opinions are posted and many contradicting each other. Everything from the cosmetics of many of the programs to the cost, practicality etc.

Anyone that has ever used 911 knows that ANY delay is uncomfortable. they’re trying to bring u better service. There’s a cost associated with that.

Imagine driving down 101 AND IGNORING all OF THE “EYE SORES”, Billboards, signs, RV’s Parked by Target and Chili’s but this proposed new tower.. OMG. It’s the end of quaintness.

So many whiners on this website… Something is going to get built with taxpayers money, here comes the bellyachers…Someone or group gets a raise, out comes the crying towels. It’s usually the same bunch of names I see on the message board….Ya got a little too much time on your hands fellas. Get off the computer and tell those kids to get off your lawn!

This will be a great addition and presence for the North County growth that is coming as we speak and please rebuild Highway 101, especially where their is cross traffic. Additionally there is an over due need for a contiguous surface road throughout the length of the county that is posted 35 MPH in-order to legally accommodate NEV’s and safely for all other pedestrian uses.

The basic needs of the majority are not being met, as stated in your own comment; but accommodation for NEV’s etc etc is the suggestion? The budget is thin enough as it is…

I’ll bet it will be over $40 million by the time they are done in 3 years.

Three items, 25 million outrageous, second will only union companies be used? third will they also have a fossil fuel backup generator?, bet that answer is Yes.

I certainly hope my emergency services would have all the means necessary to them in the case of disaster or simple power outages. If they are stuck, you are stuck.

If recent emergencies are any indication, if we rely soley on the government for help and do not have our own plan and supplys, this new facility isnt going to help, we will still be stuck

25 mil? I’ll take the over.

BET. Discounting inflation of course.

This stinks to high heaven. Someone please clean up this mess.

What makes you say that?