UPS driver suffers heat stroke, crashes into building

August 24, 2022


A UPS truck crashed into a restaurant in Paso Robles on Tuesday, after the driver possibly suffered a heat stroke.

The UPS driver crashed into a pillar on the outside of Cali Grill at about 2 p.m. Cali Grill, located at 711 6th Street, closed temporarily following the crash.

Additionally, the UPS truck appeared to have collided with a vehicle in the parking lot shared by Cali Grill and adjacent businesses.

Responders transported the truck driver to the hospital. Cali Grill stated in a social media post, though, that all parties involved in the crash are okay.

Sources tell CalCoastNews that there may have been other issues in North County because of delivery or postal drivers suffering medical emergencies caused by the heat.

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Going thru covid lockdown and my normal monthly schedule plus the high cost of fuel and traffic jams. I am grateful that Amazon and UPS etc etc are there at my disposal .Sometimes I don’t leave my compound for 7 days or more and have eveything delivered year round .Some delivery companies have package runners plus a driver , so the driver can concentrate on driving and not be worn out from jumping in and out of the truck .My Amazon driver told Me he only uses 9 gallons of fuel each day …if I drove around fetching everything I need everyday I would create more smog and a thinner wallet ….Maybe SLO delivery services should have package runners year round

I have always been at odds with the LARGE UPS trucks zooming around our country roads and driveways. I have had to cut branches on a road easement for their ever growing taller trucks and resent the larger trucks for all carriers. They’re approaching semi truck clearances to accommodate larger delivery vans and that is ridiculous. What they need are smaller air conditioned vans, more driver’s and greater charges. Too many people move into rural areas wanting all the conveniences of suburbia. They want garbage pick up at their house and even use Amazon Prime to have their toilet paper delivered, I can’t believe that a neighbor at the end of a dusty dirt road would brag about that. Obviously, some people are not concerned about the others who live along a dusty road.

I am not surprised that a driver has overheated and had a accident, I have witnessed their unsafe working conditions on hot days and the narrow roads they negotiate on a regular basis. All people can plan, go shopping and quit their computer fetish, impulsive shopping.