Atascadero administrator seeking to terminate chief of police

September 6, 2022

Bob Masterson


After less than two years on the job, the Atascadero police chief is out of the department until the city council has an opportunity to determine whether or not to approve his proposed termination.

It has been weeks since Atascadero Police Chief Bob Masterson has been in the office, while City Manager Rachelle Rickard attempts to terminate his employment, according to city officials. City staff remains mum on the reason for the proposed dismissal, citing rules regarding employee confidentiality.

The city council has the final say on the proposed termination, though the city has not yet placed Rickard’s termination request on a city council agenda.

Masterson has been with the Atascadero Police Department since Jan. 2021. At the time, Rickard raved about the new chief, saying how excited she was to have him lead the police department.

Before joining the Atascadero Police Department, Masterson served as the chief of the King City Police Department for four 1/2 years, following an eight year stint as the chief of the College of the Sequoias Police Department.

CalCoastNews will provide more information on the chief’s employment as it becomes available.

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In 23 years , this is the third atascadero police chief to be fired.

To my eyes,atascadero had the most questionable elected officials:from Greger Jones, O’malley, Fonzi, Clay,Moreno. Add Guerart and now the Zappas family to the lot and you have a perfect example of old boys.

WHy did we loose 3 chiefs so qickly? were they to curious?

Was Bob Masterson at King City when the police were involved in their criminal acts regarding vehicles being impounded and sold?

Maybe he left his service pistol in the restroom of a local restaurant? Keep us informed Ms. Velie. This is interesting.

Guess we know why Atascadero is the slowest city on the Central Coast to process CCW applications.

Is that the case in regard to permitting; curious as to where you found this out. Isn’t the sheriff responsible for that as well? Seems like a huge deal, Rickard makes almost a quarter million a year btw, with only a bachelor’s degree. The chief makes almost 200k a year. What’s going on here. Rickard is overpayed imo, by alot, as are most high level Gov jobs that do squat and tax us for random crap we already are taxed for.

The Sheriff only deals with CCW permitting if your residence is located in an unincorporated area, or if the city police chief where you live rejects the application.

The supreme court recently overturned a NY State law that made it nearly impossible to get a CCW license, which in turn effects every state in the nation. Since this occurred, most cities in California are expected to issue licenses more liberally than they used to.

With Atascadero not having their police chief in office, it’s almost guaranteed that nobody is getting permitted.