Democrat opposed to abortion pepper sprayed demonstrators in Templeton

September 25, 2022


The 46-year-old Arroyo Grande man who was arrested last week for allegedly pepper spraying a group of demonstrators on a Highway 101 overpass in Templeton is a decades-long Democrat who is opposed to abortion, according to voter records.

At about 9 a.m. on Sept. 20, a group of six to eight people were demonstrating on the Vineyard Drive overpass to promote abortion rights, gun control and to protest Fox News when Miguel Angel Olivares showed up with anti-abortion pamphlets. Olivares then allegedly attempted to argue with the protesters.

Janice Mundee asked her fellow protesters not to talk with Olivares, who then pulled out pepper spray, Mundee said on the Dave Congalton Radio Show on KVEC. Olivares pepper sprayed six members of the group, according to law enforcement.

SLO County sheriff deputies arrived at the scene and arrested Olivares on charges of unlawful use of tear gas, resisting arrest and elder abuse. Olivares remains in jail with his bail set at $50,000.

Following the arrest, a member of the Atascadero Democratic Club, Dan Cook, accused Olivares of being a Trumper planted there by Republicans.

“A group of us were peacefully demonstrating on the Templeton overpass when we were assaulted by a MAGA raving man who who then sprayed us all with pepper spray,” Cook posted on Facebook. “He was encouraged to act by political leaders who promote violence to achieve their own selfish goals, who want chaos and civil war so that they can grab power and rule.”

However, Olivares, a registered Democrat, has an alleged history of confronting people with different views, including pepper spraying a person at a school board protest in Arroyo Grande.

Olivares is scheduled for an arraignment on Monday morning.

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Sad proof of where this society is. No care for others or the country. Just divisive political nonsense that gives them the excuse to hate others, kill and dishonor God. Thankfully He is patient and wants our best.

So someone who traditionally votes democrat can be against abortion. Great. You know you don’t have to agree with every policy on a party’s platform. I mean, shoot for a vast majority, or try Independent. But if you are 70%+ with a party, don’t you feel as if that is enough to register with them?

Ok so start there. I have a question. Can a registered Republican be pro-choice? Pro same-sex marriage? Can democrats want lower taxes and less regulation? Those are just a couple of examples of many, many policies within a platform. Thoughts, anyone?

And yes, Cook immediately making up details is…untasteful…for any party, for just being a person. Not my thing.

Something didn’t smell right from the get-go on this one. I don’t know Dan Cook but he jumped to quasi Covington, Rittenhouse and Smollete conclusions about Olivares being MAGA on his Facebook page. If he is honorable he will apologize to a significant portion of the population for mislabeling Olivares as MAGA.

I did play poker with Harvey, Bev and Janice Mundee in the 1990’s. Harvey had more class than anyone in a poker room. Bev was a sweetheart!!! Janice must still be easy on the eyes and was IMO the best female lowball poker player in the county. I listened to the Congalton interview with Janice. She didn’t cough-up that Olivares was a democrat and consequently she is way off base when she says that Democrats don’t do violence. I know Harvey would have profusely apologized for making a labeling mistake and people expect the same self awareness from Janice in the form of an apology to Republicans (MAGA or not) for jumping to a conclusion without the facts.

This was a widely discussed news story with multiple posters and one victim claiming it was a MAGA person. The media is supposed to inform the public, and not to let a small group of people involved in the Democratic Party and the Tribune promote lies. I am glad the truth is out which is something I am sure the Tribune would not have reported.

I listened to the podcast. The guest kept talking about how her side was kind and the other side unhinged. She is divisive, self serving and could care less about the mentally ill. It is time to promote freedom of the press, excepting of those with different views and the idea of working together to support our community and the mentally ill.

This was supposed to be a reply to Eyes Everywhere. Not sure what I did wrong.

Why is “Democrat” in the headline???????????? What difference does party affiliation make? The bias of CCN shows through again and again.

You want bias? Check out all the other stories on this incident and they all call Mr. Olivares a MAGA supporter, even a letter in the Tribune this morning called him that. Do you think there will be any retractions?

Legitimate news organizations make retractions when getting material details wrong in print.

People with incorrect or incoherent opinions JUST TALK LOUDER. They don’t offer retractions.

CCN reported this accurately. The MAGA references were opinions of witnesses.

BTW—MAGA supporters are not bound to a party, though they are mainly Republicans. About 8% of Democrats think of themselves as MAGA.

Had you read and comprehended the article you would know another democrat from atascadero accused the suspect of being a Trump supporter. So it’s very relevant to mention both the activist and suspect were democrats with different viewpoints instead of just labeling every crazy person as a Trump supporter.

Because it helps to differentiate between right side politics of reality, and left side politics of reactionary.

And what bias? CCN’s original story, had the crazy guy a Trump supporter!

I thought they point that out in the headline so we could check our bias before reading the story.

I wonder if Dan Cook will apologize to Conservatives for his “MAGA” comment?…

Being a democrat means never having to say you’re sorry.

WHERE is the GOP’s mea culpa for it’s toleration of 1/6 traitorous behaviors?

Or the Left’s denouncement of their devastation of Pacific Northwest? Billions is property damage and all they could think to do was bail out the few rioters who were caught and try to defund the police.