Guadalupe gets nearly $5 million in federal funds for theater renovation

September 13, 2022


The city of Guadalupe was awarded a $4.9 million federal grant to renovate its historic movie theater and to construct a performing arts center, an outdoor amphitheater, and public plaza on the adjoining lots, the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Economic Development Administration announced Tuesday.

Built in 1939, the Royal Theatre is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For 50 years, it operated as a movie theater. Following its 1989 closure, the building was intermittently used for a variety of purposes including a performing arts theater and public meeting space.

Then in 2011, the building was red tagged because of a minor interior electrical fire.

The city, which owns the property, plans to renovate the theatre to California Historic Codes. Next to the theatre, the city plans to construct a 5,000 square-foot, three story, performing arts center building that would connect to the theatre.

Planned amenities include a green room, classrooms, an industrial kitchen and meeting spaces. The south side of the theatre would have an outdoor amphitheater, a public plaza next to the theatre, and parking in the back of the building.

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“Enjoy the ride through the streets covered in potholes and single lane industrial traffic to get to our randomly nice theater!” Is that the pitch?!? This money should be spent elsewhere…

I say follow the money .Whoever is responsible for applying for the grant may have direct or indirect connection to whom the grant money will be spent with I.E. Contractors , Supply companies, engineers and designers etc etc

Certainly it was a tax funded employee that won another 4.9 million of our tax dollars. Buying votes is against to the law but funding well prepared and supported grants is perfectly legal. Why be political when being generous speaks loudest, never mined where the money come from.

Also look what it’s being used for in the picture. Drug take back day by Guad Pd! This building deserves better. Glad it’s getting a new life!

i love historic preservation. This is a win in my book. Especially for such an odd little town like Guad.

May the Royal live on forever

Absurd that the federal government be spending money on this.

What’s new?

As I see it, this grant will help build up the community. A sense of community is more important than many people realize, on many levels. It counteracts crime, promotes business enterprises, neighborly relations and boosts physical health.