Pismo Beach police arrest three for drugs after traffic stop

September 3, 2022


Officers found a stash of drugs inside a vehicle that was being driven on Thursday with two men dangling out both sides of the car while holding up an unsecured television on the roof, according to the Pismo Beach Police Department.

Patrol officers stopped the vehicle after noticing the men dangling out and holding up the television. Officers searched the vehicle and found a lockbox with 44.15 grams of a substance suspected to be fentanyl, as well as several pre-measured bags of what is believed to be methamphetamine, police say.

Investigators also discovered other items associated with drug sales, before arresting three people.

The television remained undamaged, police said.

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“The television remained undamaged”…loving it. Actually, it may be damaged. It you move a flat screen without the cardboard protective strips on the side the pressure from your fingers as you grip it will damage it. Mine was all f’d up but got better over time now down to a single thin horizontal line that does not bother guests in the guest bedroom.

I heard when the cops plugged in the TV ….it was actually a menu from KFC