Thousands lose power in San Luis Obispo

September 5, 2022


More than 2,300 PG&E customers lost power as a result of an outage in San Luis Obispo on Monday afternoon.

Shortly after noon, the power went out for 2,312 San Luis Obispo customers. The cause of the outage remains under investigation, according to PG&E.

The utility estimates power will be restored by 3:45 p.m.

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For our electrical grid to work, the math has to work and just because Sacramento’s sell job for perpetual motion “sounds good”, you can’t afford their math.

Bring on those EV’S no problem

Or live like civilized people and adapt with the times. We’ve lost power over the years regardless of who’s in power, what party, or what we’re driving. The one thing we can count on is people fighting upgrading our infrastructure and whining. Whine whine whine. Zero solutions, just whine whine whine.

I will give you a solution don’t ban gas powered cars or homes until we have the capacity to power both with electricity. Profound!