California man survives shark attack

October 9, 2022

Jared Trainor and his son


A 31-year-old California surfer kicked at a shark during an attack last week, an action that resulted in the shark letting loose of the man’s leg. [Times Standard]

Jared Trainor was surfing at Centerville Beach south of Ferndale when a shark bit down on his board and his leg, the shark’s lower jaw on the board and the upper jaw clamped on his leg, and then drug the surfer below the surface. Unsure whether his attacker was a seal or a shark, Trainor grabbed the shark’s body with his right arm and kicked at its head with his left leg.

The shark then let go of Trainor, who paddled back to the beach. He walked back to his truck, before realizing the extent of his injuries.

Another surfer called for an ambulance. Trainor’s wound was almost 19 inches long.