Federal prosecutor to serve as election officer in San Luis Obispo County

October 31, 2022


A federal prosecutor will serve as the election officer for San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties in the Nov. 8 election.

Assistant United States Attorney Thomas F. Rybarczyk will oversee the handling of complaints related to election fraud, voting rights concerns and threats of violence to election officials or staff occurring in seven counties in California. After receiving a complaint, Rybarczyk will coordinate with the FBI to investigate and will consult with the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

Special agents with the FBI will be available in each field office to receive allegations of election fraud and other voting rights abuses on election day. Agents at the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office, which serves San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties as the United States Attorney’s Office, can be reached by the public at (310) 477-6565.

The DOJ is also tasked with deterring and combating discrimination and intimidation at the polls, threats of violence directed at election officials and poll workers, and election fraud.

“Every citizen must be able to vote without interference or discrimination and to have that vote counted in a free and fair election,” said United States Attorney Estrada. “Similarly, election officials and staff must be able to serve without being subject to unlawful threats of violence. The Department of Justice always will work tirelessly to protect the integrity of the election process.”

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Thanks Debbie Arnold for this tax expense claiming election fraud as if this is Brazil Or Israel. How much does a Local Fed Agent cost us to monitor a perfect system..let’s find out. Debbie Arnold is a proponent of our demise. Yay! Thank God Lynn is gone. Get rid of them all, Bruce the goose too.

Good. I hope they start by looking and watching closely Elaina Cano and her actions during this election cycle. Some of the recent voter “mail out” issues requires some scrutiny.

All that said and now with the illusions of a new layer of security, remember your vote is a product of what your mind is thinking. In all countries that allow voting, politics is more about setting up the minds of the voters for the desired results. You can count your friends, you can count your money, but never count your friend’s money. With that clear mind set and being focused on what is your business you are ready to vote.

Rather odd. One would think there would be some more background. “Election fraud”, “voter rights concerns”, “threats to election officials or staff”. And now the FBI is setting up a new protocol for “receiving allegations” in seven specific counties including SB and SLO? What about the investigations into the alleged incidents that led to the new protocol? Inquiring minds want to know.

Oh joy , the feds are now involved . We recently had a federal Presidential election that when a person talks to people about that fed election a good majority believe that the election results were tainted . But there is also the possibility that they voted opposite of their normal party vote and do not want to admit it to others . I seen that happening with the Obama election