Fuel tanker crashes north of Cayucos

October 11, 2022


A fuel tanker crashed and overturned north of Cayucos Tuesday morning, resulting in a road closure.

The crash occurred at about 8:30 a.m. on Old Creek Road near Highway 46. The driver of the tanker was going too fast and failed to navigate a turn, causing the truck to crash and overturn partially off the roadway, according to the CHP.

Authorities closed Old Creek Road in both directions between Highway 46 and Highway 1. There were no reports of any injuries as a result of the collision.

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in other news, gas prices immediately rose a dollar.

Another example in the power of suggestion.

What’s up with these big crappy ads all over the page now? Distracting

Poor baby.

I hate it when readers of a free site they read complain about ads. Don’t you think they might try to earn a few dollars for serving you and other readers? Are you that unfocused that you cannot keep your eyes on the content only?

There are adblockers you can install in your browser to block the ads if you want. And if you use Safari it will do it automatically for you.

Some people just have to bitch about something I guess.

If enough of us readers donated there wouldn’t be a need for ads! I do $20 a month. Not much, but at least its a contribution.