San Luis Obispo man sentenced to 6 years in prison for rape

October 26, 2022


A judge sentenced a San Luis Obispo man this week to six years in prison after a jury found him guilty of rape by force and sexual penetration by a foreign object.

On Nov. 1, 2019, Adrian Oswald Pinto assaulted a woman near the intersection of West Foothill Boulevard and Los Osos Valley Road, just outside of the San Luis Obispo city limits. San Luis Obispo County deputies investigated the rape, and arrested Pinto.

“We thank the jury for their focused attention in this very sensitive and difficult case,” said District Attorney Dan Dow.  “We applaud the courage of the survivor in initially reporting the crime and for having the fortitude to describe the incident to the jury in order to hold this sexual predator accountable.”

During the sentencing hearing, Pinto’s attorney argued for a three-year sentence while prosecutors sought a 12-year sentence.

The victim described the impact the rape had on her personal well-being, noting the tremendous emotional toll and her inability to feel safe in her community.  She thanked the jury for listening to her and believing her.  She asked the court to impose the maximum sentence, 16 years in prison.

The victim’s parents described the emotional and physical impact the crime had primarily on their daughter, but also on themselves.

“The jury saw you for what you are,” the victim’s mother told Pinto during the hearing. “You do not deserve leniency.”

Superior Court Judge Craig van Rooyen then sentenced Pinto to six-years in prison.

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I’m glad this creep got charged with being a rapist, because that is what he is. He should have definitely been sentenced to more time. I don’t think any amount of time he is sentenced to will be enough for the victim and her family. I hope she can heal from this and I hopefully this creep will get his while he is in prison.

But also…

Why isn’t anyone is talking about the retired Sheriff from SLO County that didn’t get charged child molestation? How did he get away with that???

No surprise coming from this judge. As a prosecutor he always wanted to make “examples” of women and was especially hard on them. This offender will be out before six years to do as he pleases, while his victim and her family will live in fear of him the rest of her life. Little wonder women don’t want to testify about or report these crimes.

6 years for ruining a woman’s life. That’s bullshit.

May the same thing come upon him the next six years while in prison.

Look at that smirk.

He should’ve gotten 16 yrs, not 6.

Shame on Judge van Rooyen.

I hope the victim and her family continue to heal.