SLO bound airplane hits power line, lands on roadway in Santa Maria

October 30, 2022


A plane en route from Van Nuys to San Luis Obispo made an emergency landing in Santa Maria on Saturday after experiencing mechanical failure and hitting a power line.

Shortly after 4 p.m., the single engine Beechcraft Bonanza plane began having mechanical issues and the pilot decided to divert to the Santa Maria Airport. However, the plane hit a power line and the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing on the 2600 block of Clark Road, about five miles from the airport.

The pilot successfully avoided hinting vehicles on the roadway during the landing.

Four Corners Towing removed the airplane from the roadway, with a CHP escort, according to the CHP website.

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That pilot should have bought a Lottery Ticket on the same day, with his luck a new plane could have been the outcome?

I don’t know if the shop who last inspected or repaired this plane has the buddy system in place , but if not they should start the program .The buddy system is that a group or at least 1 other mechanics in the shop inspect each job after completion by another mechanic . There has been way too many small plane crashes in last few years in all locations .It could be the new generation mechanics lack the skills to work on these older planes that are crashing mostly due to engine and maintenance problems .The above pilot and the public are lucky no one was killed

The problem is that follow through and pride in ones work are both a thing of the past :/

I’m guessing you have no idea about regulations regarding mechanical work on airplanes. It is a little more sophisticated than the “buddy system”. Also, the accident rate for planes has been trending down for decades.

That is great airmanship! Glad it turned out well.