Monterey County teacher accused of sexually assaulting students at school

October 30, 2022

Sergio Munoz Marquez


Monterey County Sheriff’s deputy’s arrested a high school teacher on Thursday on charges of sexually assaulting multiple students on the school campus over several decades.

For nearly 30 years, Sergio Munoz Marquez, 58, taught in the automotive program at North County County High School. Earlier this month, deputies arrested Marquez after a former student claimed the teacher sexually assaulted him during school 20 years earlier, but then released Marquez without filing charges.

However, additional former students came forward, including a student who claimed the teacher sexually assaulted them 10 years ago.

On Thursday, deputies arrested Marquez on multiple sexual assault charges and booked him in the Monterey County Jail with his bail set at $1 million.

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Not going to be a popular statement from me on this , but I’m not seeking approval for my opinion…The first victim and the following victims could be true on their allegations… But it sure doesn’t pass the smell test to me , IMO appears all for one and one for all is in play for mega million cash settlements from the deep coffers of the school district treasure chest . Modern day gold mine

How accurate are your memories from 10-20 years ago? Be honest. Do you remember specific details and exact circumstances? Or is it more of a vague recollection? Are you even 100% sure?

THAT, is why it is important to file these charges when the incident occurs! Otherwise it’s just he said she said nonsense decades later :/

Yes, it is important to REPORT these incidents, a high school kid can’t file charges that’s up to law enforcement. I would think that a sexual assault by a teacher would be a specific and detailed memory. The investigation determined there is credible evidence of the crime and the suspect was arrested and charged. Now the DA’s office will decide if there’s enough to evidence to prosecute, plead it out or dismiss the charges.

Absolutely. Bend over for the Teacher and I’m sure you’ll remember vivid details beyond 20 years.

When someone has been sexually assaulted, every detail is burned into their brain forever. They relive the assault over and over. IT only goes away with either intense therapy or committed personal action. And even then, They don’t forget something like that. They just learn to live life without it being number One in their thoughts.