SLO County sends faulty voter guides to Pismo Beach residents

October 13, 2022


The San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder published and mailed out faulty voter guides to Pismo Beach residents this week, an error that city and county officials are working to correct.

The clerk’s office properly included the ballot statements of three of the five candidates running for a seat on the Pismo Beach City Council. However, the clerk’s office failed to include a ballot statement for Kevin Kreowski while including two for Stacy Inman.

Kreowski could seek redress regarding the error, according to a local election attorney. In some cases, these types of errors have led to a redo or special election, the process of voiding election results and holding a new election.

Incumbent Councilwoman Mary Ann Reiss, Deborah Lossing and Erik Howell are also vying for one of two seats up for grabs on the Pismo Beach City Council.

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Another reason to stop early voting… if you can vote today you can vote on election day… no more mail in ballots unless you are certifiably absent to vote on election day…

“… an error that city and county officials are working to correct.”

Well, if those incompetent imbeciles would have done their jobs properly to begin with, they wouldn’t now have to be “working to correct” their inexcusable incompetence.

This is beyond belief. There is no excuse- NO EXCUSE- for this miserable failure, of for these miserable failures who infest our so-called “governments.” Clean them all out- ALL of them- fire them all, and start all over with people who are actually committed to serving the public and the taxpayers.

We need to be sensitive to these “incompetent imbeciles” putting a voter guide together in this age of instant information is a daunting task. With all the interruptions: texts from the kids, facebook post popping up from friends, calls from the schools and the vets office about fidio’s skin condition, the planning meeting at the employee brake room to decide where to go to lunch, and that’s just half of the day. Be happy they were able to get it done at all.

Well, I do, indeed, appreciate your wit here- well done.

But just for the record, it should be “break” room, not “brake” room. Although, upon further thought, maybe that misspelling was actually appropriate and applicable, because I think we can agree that these so-called “public servants” do, indeed, put on the brakes to actually accomplishing anything properly as soon as they enter their offices, as well as their break rooms.

Was this error made on purpose , to cause a possible special election ? When Gavin was up for recall the GOV officials were screaming how much money was spent on the recall election , the same GOV officials who spend truckloads of taxpayer money everyday on unneeded or crooked rigged spending. As with Gavin recall, folks who wanted Gavin to stay in office tried to make all voters hate the recall process .So when Kevin was left out of the voter guide and he requests a special election , he will be painted as wasting taxpayer dollars on a special election . So it appears Kevin being left out of the voter guide is the villain, not the county employees who started the tumble weed effect from the start. IMO there is a underlying reason he was left out of the voter guide

Another example of the lax a daisy attitude of our elected officials and public employees.

Kinda ironic that an elected official doesn’t take the time to read over a voter’s guide.

Stew Jenkins would not have made this mistake, but the Clerk’s office wouldn’t be a fun lighthearted, laid-back place to work.

Why get uptight about a City Council election in Pismo? It probably won’t make a difference anyway. Just ask Kevin Kreowski who lost the Mayoral election in 2014 by 2 votes.

Faulty work at the County of SLO under Wade, say it isn’t so. Is anyone really surprised. From top to bottom piss poor work and piss poor work quality. Now they will give themselves big raises for their great work and we will accept it as usual. Pay attention a screw up like this just cost taxpayers $100,000 plus

Clearly the problems with the County Clerks office were deeper than just with Gong. Perhaps more people needed to leave, at some some do now.

Mistakes happen but this error seems really over the top and VERY easy to catch if anyone was actually paying attention. Very shoddy work product. Proofing documents is a basic skill.

Wow! Are you kidding me? This really doesn’t help to give us much confidence in the upcoming election. The incompetence that was feared last round appears to be confirmed. Here we go again. Not a good start. The one main function of the pricey department has failed. God help us.