Public awaits decision in Kristin Smart murder case, acquittal or conviction

October 12, 2022

Kristin Smart


After a five-day break, jurors in the Kristin Smart murder trial will resume deliberations on Thursday, as members of the public and the victim’s family await a verdict.

Deliberations began last week, with the juries for both Paul Flores and Ruben Flores deliberating for approximately three days. One of the members of the Paul Flores jury has repeatedly shown up late, approximately an hour and a half last Thursday, which has caused significant delays

Paul Flores is accused of murdering Smart during an attempted rape in 1996 following a Cal Poly frat party. After the party, Flores helped escort Smart, who was found passed out on a lawn outside the party, back to her dorm room. She was never seen again.

Ruben Flores, Paul Flores’ father, is accused of helping to dispose of Smart’s body.

Each defendant has his own jury, which listened to most of the trial simultaneously. After both juries are finished deliberating, the judge will read the verdicts back to back.