Ten people burned on bus at Hearst Castle

October 23, 2022


Ten people suffered burn injuries after anti freeze leaked on a bus at Hearst Castle on Saturday.

At 2:38 p.m., a caller reported injuries on a transport bus at Hearst Castle. The bus was transporting 20 people to the visitor center when a radiator line ruptured sending the hot fluid through the bus.

State Park Ranger staff evacuated and treated 10 park visitors for minor injuries.

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Why don’t they just use electric busses?

The facts as told do not line up . Need to get actual reason for injuries

Something doesn’t make sense here…?

You mean to say the line carrying hot cooling fluid was inside the bus where the passengers were? Really? Something wrong with this story. If the radiator was in the front and engine in the back with a long connecting pipe (actually two of them) they should be under the floor boards, essentially outside the bus whereas the passengers are inside the bus. Love to hear how this dilemma is resolved. Just how did the leaking fluid get to the passengers?

If the pipes are inside then the makers of the bus should be shot.

Heaters for the passenger area ?

The buses at Hearst Castle look to be Blue Bird All American School Buses.

The heater hoses in those buses run inside along the floor boards. The covers for the hoses are metal, but not sealed.