Atascadero retailer asking the public to help identify thief

November 27, 2022

Photo of alleged thief


A thief ran out of the Hobby Headquarters on El Camino Real last week with a radio controlled vehicle. The popular shop sells leisure time items such as paintball equipment, drones and remote control vehicles.

Sporting a baseball cap and thick black suspenders, the man walked into the store and grabbed the Maxx. He then ran from the store and got into a red Pontiac driven by a heavyset blond woman.

The stores owners are asking for the public’s help to identify the thief or the getaway vehicle. They are asking anyone who can identify the thief to cal the Atascadero Police Department.

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Doing some early Christmas shopping.

I’d check the database for those in California that have had Lasik eye surgery. I would guess that he has improved vision but makes bad choices.

Might want to see if it’s the same guy who carried a Honda generator out of Glenn’s Rental a couple years back. I believe he was known to the police, possibly from Santa Maria? That is what popped into my head.

Notice it doesn’t say the police are asking for help – the owner is. Less than a 1000 bucks – not interested.