Four crashes in single day in SLO

November 17, 2022


A total of four car crashes occurred in San Luis Obispo on Wednesday, including one collision that sheared a fire hydrant.

One vehicle crashed into a fire hydrant on Long Street, causing water to gush into the air and onto the road. Separately, multiple vehicles collided nearby at the intersection of Long Street and Tank Farm Road, according to the San Luis Obispo Fire Department.

Following the multi-vehicle crash, an ambulance transported one individual to the hospital with minor injuries. It is unclear if anyone suffered injuries in the other crashes.

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Drugs are bad, mmmmkay

Phones and people in a hurry…. Phones should be made to go dark when the car is in motion… and we need more traffic cops… I rarely see a cop or CHP anymore….

The “just be you” attitude has spilled over into traffic :/ There are rules and they need to be followed! Driving 35mph in a 50mph zone is unnacceptable; yet there will be 5 cars lined up behind with a big gap and not a single one dares to honk, pass, flip off, or do anything. Complacency and fear of confrontation are destroying our society.

So there would be fewer traffic collisions if drivers were…more confrontational and agressive?

No but we would have fewer accidents if people didnt create congestion and obstructions

Absolutely wrong, the aggressive, speeding, Nascar wantabe drivers are at fault 80% of the time. And it’s not illegal to drive 35 in a 50 MPH Max speed LIMIT zone.

The basic speed law (V.C. 22350) is never drive faster than what is safe for current conditions.

This includes bicyclists or pedestrians, school zones, congested traffic, make sure you can stop within the distance you can see in front of you. My advice is give your self some extra time, don’t expect to make a 20- minute drive in 15 at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon.