Gibson inches farther ahead of Jones, latest SLO County election news

November 11, 2022

Supervisor Bruce Gibson


Supervisor Bruce Gibson inched further ahead of Dr, Bruce Jones in the San Luis Obispo County District 2 supervisor race, with other races remaining primarily unchanged, according to election results released Friday.

At stake is control over the five member board of supervisors. Gibson, a Democrat, is battling Jones, a Republican, for the board majority.

The San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder’s Office tallied 10,328 ballots on Friday, which changed the leader in the Atascadero City Council race, while the others remained consistent.

With more than 30% of ballots uncounted, it is still too early to call most San Luis Obispo County races. The clerk-recorder’s office has tallied 71,696 ballots, while 47,320 remain uncounted.

Local election results as of Friday afternoon:

SLO County District 2 Supervisor

  • Bruce Gibson – 53.54%
  • Bruce Jones – 46.46%

Arroyo Grande Mayor

  • Caren Ray Russom – 65.17%
  • Gaea Powell – 24.94%
  • Dale Hanson – 9.89%

Arroyo Grande City Council District 4

  • James Guthrie – 64.19%
  • Ben Franco – 35.81%

Atascadero City Council, two seats

  • Susan Funk – 43.58
  • Heather Newsom – 43.27%
  • Bret Heinemann – 13.16%

Grover Beach Mayor

  • Karen Bright – 55.78%
  • Stacy Korsgaden – 44.22%

Grover Beach City Council

  • Daniel Rushing – 58.93%
  • Ron Arnoldsen – 41.07%

Morro Bay Mayor

  • Carla Wixom – 59.06%
  • John Heading – 40.94%

Morro Bay City Council, two seats

  • Robin “Zara” Landrum – 25.20%
  • Cyndee Edwards – 21.97%
  • Sarah Smith Robinson – 20.94%
  • Casey Cordes – 17.70%
  • David Duringer – 14.19%

Paso Robles Mayor

  • Steve Martin – 56.94%
  • Michael Rivera – 43.06%

Pismo Beach City Council, two seats

  • Mary Ann Reiss – 27.78%
  • Stacy Inman – 24.43%
  • Kevin Kreowski – 20.92
  • Erik Howell – 18.84%
  • Debora Lossing – 8.03

San Luis Obispo Mayor

  • Erica Stewart – 71.24%
  • Richard Orcutt – 14.37%
  • Jeffrey Specht – 12.82%
  • Donald Hedrick – 1.56%

San Luis Obispo City Council, two seats

  • Michelle Shoresman – 36.03%
  • Emily Francis – 32.14%
  • Joe Benson – 19%
  • James Papp – 12.82%

San Luis Coastal Unified School District bond measure, needs 55%

  • Yes – 61.62%
  • No – 38.38%

Arroyo Grande sales tax increase, 50% plus one

  • No – 51.89%
  • Yes – 48.11%

Paso Robles hotel tax increase, 50% plus one

  • Yes – 60.68%
  • No – 39.32%

Morro Bay property tax increase, 50% plus one

  • No – 64.43%
  • Yes – 35.57%

Cambria Health Care District Bond, 2/3 vote required

  • Yes – 61.31%
  • No – 38.69%

San Luis Obispo County Community College District, Area 4

  • Peter Sysak – 51.84%
  • Adrienne Garcia-Specht – 48.16%

Atascadero Unified School District, vote for four

  • Tracy Ellis-Weit – 15.63%
  • Vy Pierce – 14.92%
  • Rebekah Koznek – 11.93%
  • Denise McGrew Kane – 11.69%
  • Tami Gunther  – 11.31%
  • Dan Hathaway – 10.39%
  • George Shoemaker –  9.86%
  • Scott Staton – 8.92%
  • Chris Collins – 5.35%

Coast Unified School District, Area 2

  • Lee McFarland – 51.92%
  • Susan Dever – 48.08%

Lucia Mar Unified School District, Area 3

  • Andrea Naemi-Vergne – 38.69%
  • Daevin Thomas – 32.88%
  • Ashley Smeester – 28.43%

Lucia Mar Unified School District, Area 5

  • Colleen Martin – 61.20%
  • Gary Joralemon – 38.80%

Lucia Mar Unified School District, Area 6

  • Roxana Maldonado – 44.16%
  • Eilene Pham – 40.40%
  • Scott Bloom – 15.45%

Lucia Mar Unified School District, Area 7

  • Donna Kandel – 66.69%
  • Luke Davis – 33.31%

Paso Robles Joint Unified School District, partial term

  • Adelita Hiteshew – 38.07%
  • Laurene McCoy – 36.12%
  • Jim Irving – 25.81%

Paso Robles Joint Unified School District, Area 1

  • Jim Cogan – 48.04%
  • Chris Arend – 27.18%
  • Peter Byrne – 24.79%

Paso Robles Joint Unified School District, Area 4

  • Sondra Williams – 43.31%
  • Frank Triggs – 35.07%
  • Catherine Reimer – 21.63%

San Luis Coastal Unified School District, Area 1

  • Marilyn Rodger – 60.38%
  • Loren Leidinger – 39.62%

San Luis Coastal Unified School District, Area 2

  • Rob Banfield – 55.29%
  • Jim Quesenberry – 44.71%

San Luis Coastal Unified School District, Area 4

  • Mark Buchman – 68.90%
  • Tony Evans – 31.10%

Templeton Unified School District, vote for two

  • Janel Armet – 27.31%
  • Jennifer Grinager – 25.01%
  • Matt Allison – 24.87%
  • Jason Tesarz – 10.26%
  • Jay Raftery – 8.40%
  • Fiona Bond – 4.14%

Cayucos Elementary School District, Area 1

  • Kerry Friend – 44.98%
  • Steve Geil – 33.97%
  • Chloe Phillips – 21.05%

County staff plans to continue counting votes on Nov. 16. CalCoastNews will provide election updates on Wednesday evening.

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What was TOTALLY ABSURD in this last voting round, NON of DISTRICT 2 in Morro Bay was allowed to vote for or against GIBSON! I was astounded in realizing I would not have a vote. I asked at the voting Del Mar Elementary. A Women who was with the League of Women voters told me it was because of Redistricting. WE are Banned for 2 years for voting for Supervisor!! She also told me they are suing over this issue. Why is it acceptable for the people directly affected by our District 2 Representative, NOT ALLOWED to vote for who we feel is the appropriate candidate?

I believe that Morro Bay is now in District 3. The new map put Cambria/Cayucos into District 2, Morro Bay into District 3 and Los Osos into District 4. The entire point of the new map was to get rid of Gibson by totally splitting up the original District 2. He may have the last laugh on that one.

I guess at least we know DA Dow will only be the DA of the 46% minority who voted for Jones and has no interest impartially serving and representing the remainder who did not, as his failed partisan political attempts to meddle in county elections has shown.

NO you are wrong. ITs because people in District 2 Had NO voice in this election! We were NOT allowed to vote for Supervisor in District 2, because of redistricting! They took our ability to choose whom directly affects us! We will have NO VOTE for supervisor for 2 years!! The League of Women Voters are suing over this exact issue. IT was NOT a Fair fight!!

all these candidates and flurry about elections and we have to wait forever to know the results.

What is wrong with our government that makes us all receive a vote by mail ballot?

In the Primary there were 100,000 ballots NOT VOTED….



WASTE WASTE WASTE all by our government.

ONLY VOTE on Election day then those ballots are counted by midnight or a bit later but they begin going through the counting machine and finish when they finish.

We know the next morning who won with a few outstanding ballots.

So ONLY when there is a close race – very close- does the rest of the counting matter.

Today it is horrible to waste of resources.

If your IQ is around 50 you would set up a system like we are doing today for voting.

fight back and say NO…..

I agree. Voting use to be simple and accurate, with quick results. You had the choice of voting in person or absentee ballot. Both required I.D. and proof of residence with little to no chance for voter fraud.

The last several election cycles things have spun out of control. We’ve opened the door wide open to questionable voter practices, mistrust of the fairness and accuracy of the whole process along with way too much error with the length of the voting process. The cost of this is through roof.

I’ve been voting for 42 years. I’ve never missed one. The last four cycles have been the worst I’ve ever seen in all of those years. We’ve created a mess and those in power have no desire to relinquish the claws of control of this now failing voting system. It’s a complete embarrassment.

I think we should get rid of in-person voting because it’s full of fraud, I don’t trust it, and it just feels unfair to those who are busy that day, it costs a lot compared to having ballots delivered by mail, and volunteers not noticing a fake ID I’d more error prone than machines checking signatures…. This makes no sense of course (there should be many accessible and secure ways to let people vote), but I have as much evidence for these claims as you do for yours. Let’s stop making stuff up just because sometimes we don’t like who gets more votes.

We have a great election system, not perfect, but one which values access and security over immediate results. So what if it takes a week or two before all the results are in, the new politicians won’t be sworn in for months. Having immediate results only makes sense for those who seek instant gratification. Every vote will be counted, we live in a democratic Republic. And only voting on one day, give me a break! Some people have to work on election day, or provide for their families, or live in rural places where an in-person voting center is a lot further away than a mailbox. Early voting by mail is the only system that works for most Americans. Also elections take time because signatures need to be matched, and spoiled ballots fixed – I actually care about election security and am fine with giving the vote counters the time they need to get it right.

Gibson needs to get about 47% of the remaining vote to win. That seems likely. I guess the absence of comment from the right-wing on this story speaks volumes. I will reiterate, Geoff Auslen was the far better candidate.

The fact is, Auslen wasn’t electable. If, in fact, he was the better of the candidates he would the one running against Gibson. If the angry and corrupt Gibson wins so be it. I will personally hold him accountable for every word he speaks going forward. If he does win, I’ll expect nothing less than the same standards set by my previous supervisor. The unfortunate part is, he falls far short of those standards, especially when it comes to integrity, character, honesty, and fairness.

The problem with the Republican’s is they’re more concern with offending people than defeating their opponent. The second problem here locally is that those that supported Auslen abandon Jones due to their guy losing. I know many in the north county who claim to be republicans but failed to support Jones. You know who you are, and I know who you are as well. The stand for almost nothing, and compromise everything when it comes to the political will and strength to fight for the truth that leads to a victory.

They didn’t have the guts to get in the trenches and help defeat a corrupt, bitter, and angry Gibson. The worst part is, they supported him. I sooooo much want to name many of you but will hold off for now. That time will come. Cowardly at best, unforgivable at worst.

The problem with the Republican’s is they’re more concern with offending people than defeating their opponent.

Or perhaps the turnout falls short after a gerrymandered district loses…..because policies the party deems important are not embraced by the majority?

Imagine that.

And if all you can do is smear your opponent, you’re likely to lose.

Tuesday is proof that voters are tired of the same old rhetoric.

Dream on…..