Jones closing in on Gibson in SLO County supervisor race

November 9, 2022

Supervisor Bruce Gibson


Incumbent San Luis Obispo County District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s lead over his opponent Dr. Bruce Jones has shrunk as more ballots are counted. Gibson is the front runner with 52.79% followed by Jones with 47.20%.

Gibson led in early mail in ballots – 58.44% to Jones’ 41.66%, according to results released at 8:10 p.m. on Tuesday.

Shortly after midnight, the clerk recorder released the poll voter numbers – 1,369 for Jones and 339 for Gibson.

The candidates are currently separated by 653 votes, with 33.61% of ballots counted, according to unofficial election results. Even so, if the remaining ballots run statistically with poll voters, Jones will win the race.

Dr. Bruce Jones

In 2012, even though incumbent Arroyo Grande mayor Tony Ferrara had 54.4 percent of the vote on election night, by the time remaining ballots were calculated he lost to Jim Hill.

During the past two weeks, negative Gibson ads flooded the airways and filled up mailboxes, after critics of Gibson donated more than $100,000 to two PACs formed to oppose the incumbent’s reelection.

SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow donated $25,000 from his campaign fund to support one of the PACs, noting Gibson’s votes against funding two deputies in North County and a substation in Nipomo.

On Monday, Gibson penned a rebuttal claiming he did support funding a sheriff’s substation in Nipomo, while accusing Dow of partisanship.

However, Gibson did vote against funding the substation and against funding additional deputies.

Based on election regulations in California, it will likely be weeks before a winner in the district 2 supervisor race is called.

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Not bootlicking but , the sheriff deputies do not sit around Templeton station waiting for a call of service they are usually on patrol or transporting folks to the SLO jail facility . Last time I checked there is only 2 sheriff deputies that patrol from San Miguel, Shandon , Creston to Heritage Ranch etc etc .So if a call for service comes in they could be 30 minutes away .. I think the Nipomo substation would help in many ways . It would have holding cells so deputies would not be driving to SLO Jail every time they make an arrest. 2nd it would have areas for deputies to write reports instead of in their vehicle . It must be difficult for CHP and Sheriffs to be driving in their mobile rolling office on wheels…North county could use additional sheriffs deputies and Nipomo could definatley have use for a substation .Imagine sheriffs deputies in Nipomo fighting traffic on 101 to and from the SLO County jail at commuter times , they would spend 3 to 4 hours of their shift to transport and then spend more time writing notes or reports . That time could be spent patrolling South county areas ….I’m sure there is other good reasons for a Nipomo substation

Sounds like you’ve thought a lot about this issue. However, can you share any figures regarding the cost to taxpayers? I think that’s an important part of making any decision like this, and to ignore it would be irresponsible.