Newsom thankful for federal funding for Diablo Canyon extension

November 21, 2022

Gov. Gavin Newsom

Statement by Gov. Gavin Newsom

Gov. Gavin Newsom responded Monday to the U.S. Department of Energy’s announcement that it has awarded $1.1 billion from the Civil Nuclear Credit Program to support a limited-term extension of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant in San Luis Obispo County:

“Amid intensifying climate impacts in the West and across the country, California is focused on meeting our bold climate and clean energy goals while tackling the challenges of extreme weather that puts lives at risk and strains our grid.

“This investment creates a path forward for a limited-term extension of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant to support reliability statewide and provide an onramp for more clean energy projects to come online.

“I thank the Biden-Harris Administration for this critical support and the California Legislature for moving quickly to make this award possible. I look forward to our continued work together to build a clean, affordable and reliable energy future for our state.”

In partnership with the Legislature, Gov. Newsom signed a measure in September authorizing a limited-term extension of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant’s license, structured to take advantage of the opportunity for federal support while minimizing costs to California ratepayers and taxpayers. Any extension will require approvals by federal, state and local regulatory entities.


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Well since Newsom took us from a huge surplus to a huge deficit its a good thing Joe sent the money our way… Heck gotta recharge all those cars some how…