SLO resident crashed into couple found dead in creek bed

November 28, 2022


San Luis Obispo police investigators believe a 24-year-old resident was speeding when he crashed into a couple as they walked their dog on the 3400 block of Sacramento Drive, police announced on Monday.

More than a day later, officers discovered the bodies of Matthew Chachere, 39, and Jennifer Besser, 36, under heavy brush in a nearby creek bed. Investigators have not yet determined if charges will be filed.

On the evening of Nov. 21, officers responded to a report that a car struck a curb, a street sign and the abutment of a bridge. Officers, who did not suspect the driver of alcohol impairment, had the car towed and wrote out a traffic collision report.

A day later, on the evening of Nov. 22, a caller reported a dead dog in a creek bed off the 3400 block of Sacramento Drive. The dog was transported to animal control.

Five hours later, relatives of Chachere and Besser reported the pair had not arrived at their expected destination in Modesto. Relatives provided police with photos of the of the couple as well as a picture of their dog.

After viewing the photo of the missing dog, a police dispatcher was able to make the connection between the earlier report of the deceased dog with the dog owned by the missing residents.

Police returned to the heavily wooded creek bed and conducted another search. Officers then discovered the deceased bodies of Chachere and Besser, which were lying under heavy brush.

Officers are asking anyone who has information about the crash to contact Detective Jeff Koznek at (805) 594-800.

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Here’s where it happened. Between where the sign and bridge guard were struck where the pavers adjacent the sidewalk stop at the end of the bridge. I can see both the police and the tow truck operator having no need to approach the front of a car being towed out from the rear unless they had reason to believe pedestrians were struck and driven into the brush. I’ve not rushing to judgment on the driver yet. Maybe after everything came to a stop he didn’t know he hit the sign either. Hard to believe he would think he could just not tell the police he hit the pedestrians and nothing would ever come of it.

No, the driver was heading the other direction and hit this section of the other bridge.

This is extremely suspicious. Interesting that the DA hasn’t released the suspect’s name yet. Is he the son of someone well connected in the county? He is obviously getting special treatment.

I agree!! They typically tell names of people involved. Who is this kid? What a heinous act! Unless he closed his eyes while driving, he could not help but see these victims he hit! What an insane scenario!!

Since the bodies were discovered after the accident and there were apparently no witnesses — going to probably need a comprehensive investigation before they put criminal charges on the driver.

I’d bet the driver has yet to be arrested. Once the arrest happens, then a name will surface.

Unbelievable that he could hit two people and a dog with his car and not know about it, and completely unconscionable that he wouldn’t tell authorities about it so they could render medical aid to the victims and possibly save their lives. He should be charged with murder, especially if it turns out they survived the initial impact. It’s also highly suspicious that somehow all three ended up being thrown over the side of the bridge including the dog, who, unlike the people, has a center of gravity much lower than the side of the bridge. I think it’s entirely possible he tossed the dog over the side of the bridge after the crash to hide evidence of what he did, which is also probably why the dog was found first. They should do a full forensic exam of the three victims, the suspect’s clothes, and the suspect’s car to see if there is any cross-contamination showing the suspect had any post-crash contact with the victims.

Okay okay, let’s not hang the man before we have all the facts, sheesh. Innocent until PROVEN guilty remember? Clearly unintentional anyways so we’re looking at a manslaughter charge, not murder. Possibly with a slightly harsher punishment if he did attempt to cover it up. Freaking out over just killing two people(and their dog!) is “relatable” and will be taken into consideration.

Seriously- how do the cops not notice that two people and a dog were killed? Seriously.