Grover Beach seeking applicants for City Council

December 15, 2022


The Grover Beach City Council is seeking applicants for a seat on the council which was vacated when Karen Bright won the mayoral race.

“Are you looking for a meaningful way to serve your community?” the city announced Thursday. “Residents of Grover Beach have an opportunity to serve their community as part of the City Council. Interested residents who live in District 4 are encouraged to submit an application on the city’s website by Dec. 30.”

On Jan. 9, the City Council plans to review applications and conduct interviews with those residents who apply from District 4. Following the interviews, the council will make an appointment.

Residents can find which district they live in at the city’s interactive map.

“I encourage any interested residents from District 4 to apply for the council seat and step into this role during this exciting time for our city,” Mayor Bright said. “We look forward to working with another resident who has a passion for public service. We will be identifying our council goals in the next few weeks, giving the new council member an opportunity to have an immediate impact in Grover Beach.”

Councilmembers are expected to attend two regular council meetings per month on the second and fourth Mondays, with special meetings or workshops as needed. Additionally, they must serve on regional boards, commissions and subcommittees that typically meet once a month.

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Governments should require those running for another office to step down from their current one so that an election for that seat can be held at the time, accomplishing two things saving the taxpayers from a possible special election or if the vacated seat is to fill by the current board that takes the voters out of the selection, holding an election at the same time solves both these issues.

That’s the equivalent of telling people that they are not allowed to apply for a new job unless they quit their current one first. Ain’t gonna happen. Besides, it would discourage highly accomplished and experienced politicians from moving onto higher office. Having duly elected representatives make appointments is consistent with representative democracy and has long been a standard operating procedure in our republic.