Jones thanks supporters, plans to continue supporting good government

December 29, 2022

Dr. Bruce Jones


Earlier this month, Elaina Cano, the San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder, reported and certified that Bruce Gibson received thirteen votes more than I did in the District 2 Supervisor’s election. An examination of the election process/partial recount has been in process since Dec.19 by an election integrity group led by Darcia Stebbens, CPA.

This audit was discontinued on Dec. 29.

I want to thank all the people who contributed to my campaign with their time, money and effort.  I also want to thank the people in District 2 who voted for me and the people who tried to vote for me on Nov. 8 in person at their precincts but were disenfranchised from voting the way they wanted to vote.

I will continue to champion fiscally responsible, corruption-free County government.

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He never actually concedes that he lost the election. Staying true to the MAGA playbook!

There are many causes for the election result, but for a candidate in defeat to recognize solely his own supporters and to neglect to express appreciation for ALL OF THE VOTERS who took the time to study the candidates and the issues and to cast a ballot, regardless of their preferences, is to dishonor our country’s experiment in democracy, including the collective citizenry of this county.

Jones ran a filthy campaign, so glad he lost.

With just a short breather until the next filthy campaign: Eric Gorham, the architect of the noted Jones campaign, intends to run for the 1st District seat being vacated by Peschong.

Why the people voted for gibson is beyond me, he lies, I’ve caught him in things in e-mails and on the phone, he has abused the other supervisors on the board, he has abused the public speakers in BOS meetings, the list goes on and on, yet here we are again.

I voted for Jones but Gibson prevailed and he will now be my supervisor. My best to Jones for his efforts and his faith in the system. He must be proud to have won so many votes from concerned citizens, only to be foiled by a dozen votes for our home boy, with three consecutive terms as a County Supervisor, of many committees, commissions, special interest groups and chairmanships. The process is complete and who knows, Gibson may spend some money on our North County rural roads and take a different perspective on rural America.

Except that Jones doesn’t have faith in the system, as evidenced by his comment regarding disenfranchisement and his support of the election denialism of Stebbens and her gang of malcontents.

The gerrymander was a bad idea.

“the people who tried to vote for me on Nov. 8 in person at their precincts but were disenfranchised from voting the way they wanted to vote.”

Right. If you really believe that, when do you file a lawsuit? Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Poor poor Dr. Bruce claims voters were ‘disenfranchised’ from voting for him is nothing more than a typical case of ‘sour grapes’.

Talk about disenfranchisement…

Gibson faced blatant and unprecedented gerrymandering and still won.

If there were any problems with the ‘system’ then they are typically ‘across the board’ and create equal disenfranchisement and do not favor one candidate or the other.

Unless YOUR candidate loses.