Mail truck destroyed in crash with semi near Guadalupe

December 6, 2022


A semi-truck collided with a U.S. Postal Service vehicle near Guadalupe on Monday, destroying the truck and scattering mail.

Shortly before 4 p.m., the two trucks collided in the 3500 block of West Main Street east of Guadalupe. The female driver of the mail truck suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

First responders transported her to Marian Regional Medical Center. The driver of the semi-truck emerged uninjured from the crash.

It is unclear what caused the collision.

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All the money the Postal service spends is not on its vehicles ….US Postal service has the worst delivery vehicles in delivery history .I have talked with carriers while eating at restaurants in 100 to 105 degree temps and they have informed they have never had a Postal vehicle with A/C …let alone the Tin Cans are impossible to heat in winter temperatures …The above Postal vehicle aka Tin Can is completely torn to shreds , not even safe to be hit in a accident .Postal employees need to put their foot down and demand more comfortable and safer Postal delivery vehicles. I am aware announcements were made that the Postal service was buying better vehicles , but the above pictured vehicle AKA Tin Can is not a better vehicle