Pedestrian hit and killed by train in Grover Beach

December 27, 2022


A passenger train struck and killed a pedestrian in Grover Beach near the Monarch Butterfly Grove on Highway 1 on Tuesday, according to police.

Shortly after 2:30 p.m., the pedestrian was walking on the tracks when they were hit by a northbound Amtrak train. Because of the condition of the body, there may be a delay in identifying the deceased.

An investigation into the collision is ongoing.

This is the second deadly train crash in Grover Beach this month. On Dec. 6, a passenger train struck and killed a man at the Grover Beach station.

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There has to be a better way to report these, Trains don’t strike and kill pedestrians, pedestrians get in the way of moving trains. Whether it’s suicide or stupidity.

You’ve heard of suicide by cop, now you have suicide by train.

If the body can’t be identified, how conclusive would suicide be? Maybe it was a time traveler that showed up where there was no track during the jump or a homicide that needed the case to be closed? Most likely it was raining hard at time of poor judgement and the train not heard?