Rain and cooler temperatures coming to the Central Coast

December 27, 2022


Following a warm and dry holiday weekend, temperatures are dropping and rain is returning to the Central Coast on Tuesday.

An atmospheric river is expected to bring between .5 to 5 inches of rain to San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties on Tuesday. Temperatures are forecast to drop about 15 degrees, with most highs in the 50s.

On Wednesday, the storm will pass and the area will dry out.

However, rain is expected to return on Wednesday, with more rain forecast for Thursday through Saturday.

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Maybe we’ll see just how big Laguna Lake really is. See the photos from Feb. 1973. Madonna Road at Oceanaire Ave. was a foot deep. I stopped my Datsun pickup and measured it while traveling twd 101.

Nice. Keep it coming. Fill those reservoirs and groundwater basins. Good rains from now through the end of late Spring makes for a great summer.

It must be the cloud seeding. Quadruple the budget