Rock slide closes Highway 1 from Ragged Point to Big Sur

December 4, 2022


A rock slide discovered Friday has shut down Highway 1 from Ragged Point in San Luis Obispo County to south of Big Sur in Monterey County, according to Caltrans.

Rocks fell from a cliffside onto the northbound and southbound lanes of Highway 1 between Ragged Point and Big Sur. Caltrans engineers are assessing the damage before beginning the cleanup.

Highway 1 remains open for local travel from Carmel to Big Sur.

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CalTrans spends untold millions in maintenance every year on the Big Sur section of Hwy 1. I’m surprised the Sierra Club hasn’t yet pressured the uniparty legislature and Governor Newsom to close it in the name of coastal & wilderness protection.

Half wish it would get closed permanently :/ Practically unbearable to drive even when it’s open due to painfully slow traffic and cyclists clogging the road. So glad i got to experience Highway 1 when it wasn’t an absolute nightmare commute. Also; how much does it cost to repair this road time and time again?

I’m afraid I do agree with you. As an enthusiastic motorcyclist, the highway USED to be a dream ride from here to the Golden Gate. I rode it a few times, reporting to the Presidio, rather than the much duller, but quicker, 101, and many many more times just for the hell of it. Now, Ragged Point, or sometimes Gorda, is my destination. I haven’t ridden the Nacimiento-Ferguson road in years!

But yes, it has become a victim of its own fame.