SLO County Supervisor Gibson wins by 13 votes

December 7, 2022

Supervisor Bruce Gibson


Supervisor Bruce Gibson has won reelection in the hotly contested District 2 supervisor race, according to the final tally by the SLO County Clerk Recorder’s Office.

Gibson beat Dr. Bruce Jones by a slim margin of 13 votes, walking away with 11,722 votes or 50.o3%. Gibson’s reelection insures a liberal balance of power on the board.

On one side was Jones, a political newcomer who was supported by supervisors Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton. Jones vowed to protect the small farmer’s water rights.

On the other side, Gibson was supported by a group of wealthy North County land owners who are seeking to bank water in the Paso Robles Basin.

While it is likely a recount will be requested, it is unlikely it would change the election unless the hundreds of uncounted votes are tallied. There were hundreds of mail-in-ballots that arrived after the cutoff date, that were not counted.

In addition, several poll workers ordered voters to turn their mail-in-ballots at the polls without the required envelopes, which led to dozens of ballots not being tallied.

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Four more years of this narcissistic phone? Crap.

No one’s going to question that last week at County offices Elaina Cano walked by Gibson and tried to whisper, congratulations Mr Supervisor!!

Congratulating him a full week before all votes were counted.



Looks like the Republican scheme to steal the board of supervisors with gerrymandering has backfired. Headed for a 4-1 Dem board in 2 years. How ironic!

I hope this is a comment on the filthy campaign run by Jones and his allies. He might have won if he stuck to the issues and was a decent person, apparently not.

Simply amazing, with all the back stabbing, berating of people at county meetings, harassment of fellow Sups, tied in with adam hill, polishing our desk with his girlfriend and the list goes on and on and yet the voters still want him in office, makes me wonder if people know what goes on around them.

Totally agree, but the right wing has been pretty consistent in nominating truly bad candidates. Jones falls in line with Lake, Walker, Oz, Mastriano, Laxalt and a string of other MAGA advocates who are just not palatable to the average voter.

As I’ve said before, Geoff Auslen would have won this election by a thousand votes, but many in Atascadero did not see Jones as an independent candidate and they just didn’t want a Debbie Arnold Mini-Me.

The Patten map was devised for one reason: Oust Gibson. Instead, he stands and Lynn Compton is done. The board lurches left and Arnold should be very worried in two years.

My thoughts are if Jones is no good then in two years its easier to get rid of him as he is not as entrenched as gibson is, we just need gibson to go.

Well said

I wonder how it feels to have half of the people you represent not want you to represent them.

It’s called democracy.

As of 11/1/2022, 562 persons in this County have died of Covid-19, overwhelmingly older folks. Assuming they are equally divided between the supervisorial districts, 112 potential registered voters in District 2 have died of Covid-19. With more than eight in ten eligible Californians registered to vote, this implies 90 registered voters, (112 X 80% = 90). Assuming these registered voters’ turnout would match the district’s 68.23% turnout, 61 votes. Nationwide with 45% of older voters identifying themselves as conservative versus 21% as liberal in a 2021 Gallup poll amalgamation, the result is 15 votes (61 X (45%-21%)). A 15 net conservative vote loss. Jones lost by 13 votes.

As similar calculation can be done for the Arizona Governor’s race.

Misguided but politically opportunistic GOP opposition to Covid vaccinations and masking eventually cost the party elections.

As Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and the enemy is us.”

I hope you warmed up prior to this little faulty premise/faulty conclusion exercise. You are doing some severe stretching!

Where is the error? The math is accurate. The assumptions are supported, reasonable and correctly reasoned. The conclusion, the election was so close that the district’s Covid deaths appear to be the margin between the candidates, is a logical inference. 2000 vote margin no, but a 13 vote margin, probable. While this is not a truth, is it highly probable.

Calling an argument “little”, “faulty”, “severe stretching” are not arguments, just names.

332 ballots “found” 3 weeks after the election? Poll workers giving false information to invalidate election day ballots? Election watchers impeded or excluded from elections processes? Gibson “won” alright. The County Clerk Recorder has no credibility.

Stunning results. Another election which reminds us that every vote counts, and that your individual vote matters.

Yes and if there are votes that were submitted per the instructions of field staff and or postmarked by the mail in date, then count them too.