Vehicle crashes into horse in Orcutt

December 29, 2022


A vehicle hit and killed a horse west of Orcutt on Wednesday morning.

At about 6:30 a.m., a Casmalia man driving an Audi station wagon crashed into the horse. The impact caused the horse to crash through the windshield. Responders pronounced the horse dead at the scene and moved it out of the roadway.

The driver suffered a broken nose, lacerations and other injuries.

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I am very sad for that horse :(

How could you not see a horse?

A better question to ask; why was there a horse on the road? Highly inappropriate use of the pavement. Feel worse for the driver.

The horse was trying to get to the other side.

“How could you not see a horse?” The same way you couldn’t see two people and a dog walking on Sacramento Drive in SLO when you are speeding. Maybe this is the beginning of a new legal defense: “I didn’t see anything.” BTW livestock occasionally gets out, that’s the price you pay for living in a rural area. Hopefully there aren’t a zillion lawsuits over this.