Driver attempts to drive around barricade in Arroyo Grande, gets stuck

January 18, 2023

SUV stuck at Corbett Canyon Road closure in Arroyo Grande


After multiple local drivers drove around road closed signs, San Luis Obispo County Public Works placed a concrete barrier at Corbett Canyon Road near Corbett Highlands Place in rural Arroyo Grande during last weeks storms.

The driver of a red SUV then attempted to drive around the concrete barrier. After the driver became stuck in the mud, he called county staff and asked for help getting his SUV out.

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Too bad it wasn’t the woman who had the police chasing her from Santa Maria to Arroyo Grande.

It’s the County’s fault for not having signs that say “Do not drive around this barricade”.

Looks like an expensive tow bill, certainly we taxpayers didn’t fund stupidity?

We taxpayers fund stupidity all the time. That’s pretty much all we do.