Financial victims of the storms in SLO County can apply for FEMA funds

January 18, 2023


After storms caused flooding, downed trees and mudslides throughout San Luis Obispo County, some assistance appears to be on the way.

Following a decision by the Biden Administration to include San Luis Obispo County in a major disaster declaration, many local residents can apply for financial assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

All residents who suffered financial losses because of storm damage can apply for assistance. Officials encourage them to do so as soon as possible at or by calling (800) 621-3362.

Disaster victims may also apply through the FEMA app. After downloading the app from Google Play or the App Store, one can upload documents and track the status of their application.

FEMA officials will soon offer more ways to apply, including in-person with agency representatives.

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Don’t prepare at all and let damage occur; don’t worry, big gov will foot the bill for you!

Why did it take longer for SLO County to be included? So many other regions were eligible quickly and even when SLO county had the same if not more damage there was a delay before we became eligible.

SLO County is more conservative.

Hard to believe, after the last few election cycles…

I would guess SLO County still has a conscious and doesn’t beg for money to remedy negligence. Most of know that there is no free money.

SLO County’s conscious wasn’t concerned over the last few years taking millions of “free” dollars, putting the next 3 to 4 generations, if not more into an insurmountable debt.

Not to mention those within the county who willingly exploited false loopholes, abusing PPE funding during a time of crisis.