More than a dozen SLO County roads remain closed

January 29, 2023

Stage Coach Road


More than two weeks after storms pounded San Luis Obispo County, state and local agencies have reopened the majority of road closed because of flooding, mudslides and damage. As crews remove debris, officials have reopened some roads while more than a dozen roads and highways remain closed.

Current road closures

  • Avenales Ranch Road from Pozo Road to the end of the road
  • Corbett Canyon Road from Corbett Highlands to Tiffany Ranch Road
  • Creston Road from Neal Spring Road to Cripple Creek Road
  • El Campo Road from Los Berros Road to Highway 101
  • High Mountain Road beginning of dirt portion to end of dirt portion
  • Highway 1 closed from Elephant Seal Vista to South of Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn
  • Huasna Townsite Rd from bridge 1 to the end of the road
  • Los Palos Road at Santa Barbara Road
  • Penman Springs Road at the crossing
  • River Road from Parkhill Road to Pozo Road
  • San Marcos from Wellsona Road to Nacimiento Lake Drive
  • Santa Rita Road beginning of dirt portion to 9308 Santa Rita Road
  • Sprague Hill Road from Soda Lake Road to the end of county maintained road
  • Stage Coach Road from TV Tower Road to end of road
  • State Route 229
  • Upper Lopez Canyon from north of Waters End to north end of road
  • Vaquero Road from El Pomar to 500 feet north of El Pomar

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The obvious solution for better quality roads is more bike lanes.

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

No but it fell very quickly.

In the beginning the Board of Supervisors were paid a stipend to perform their duties, which was to equitably provide the benefit of the State of California, Incorporated County of San Luis Obispo. Their major charge was the Engineering Department which constructed and maintained public roads. Today, with the onset of much greater tax dollars provided by the, 10 fold in population for the same area, there is not enough money to maintain the existing public safety partially because of need for funding Social Engineering “Fund Me Exploitations” as in the hobo camps, waterways pollution, trespass and trash management. This funding is tolerated because of taxpayer apathy and it is very likely that new tax assessments will be “mandated” to fund the differed road maintenance. Again this will be a “Mandate”, not a vote for choice because there is no FREEMA Money.

And yet the roads have been left of the SLO board of supervisors agenda…. Good luck I guess?

PERS pensions with gold plated lifetime healthcare is much more important, and of course, a much higher priority than road maintenance.

Only PERS members to get lifetime healthcare is safety. The fearless fire and law enforcement. Read next article.