Orcutt Road outside San Luis Obispo in danger of collapse

January 12, 2023

Orcutt Road in danger of collapsing


The California Highway Patrol is asking the public not to drive on Orcutt Road on the outskirts of San Luis Obispo near Righetti Road, the CHP said in a press release.

During the last storm, the CHP closed the damaged section of Orcutt Road. However, people have been driving over and through the closure.

“The roadway is at serious risk of collapsing and with the upcoming storm this weekend it is likely to get worse,” according to the CHP. “Please obey the road closure signs and barricades, as they are placed there for your safety.”

There are alternate routes available including State Route 227 (Broad Street) and Biddle Ranch Road.

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CHP/LEO does not make the determination to close roads. CALTRANS or County Public Works does. Road closures unrelated to crime is an engineering decision, not a LEO decision.

True, but they are expected to enforce them. Caltrans or County can’t.

This is the result of unwarranted closures. Such as O’Donovan Rd in Creston that has 2-3 inches of water running at the creek crossings we’ve been fording for years, now there’s road closed signs up that no one pays attention to teaching us that they are to be ignored.