Paso Robles firefighters rescue man trapped in the Salinas River

January 13, 2023

Man rescued from the Salinas River in Paso Robles


Paso Robles emergency personnel rescued a man trapped on an island in the middle of the Salinas River on Friday.

After realizing he was trapped, the man called for help. Emergency personnel arrived to find the man standing on an island near the 13th Street Bridge.

The man told rescuers he was exhausted and needed help.

After evaluating their options, Paso Robles firefighters used an aerial ladder to conduct a high-angle rope rescue. Firefighters successfully brought the man onto the bridge.

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Wondering how he got trapped down there on an island. Why was he there? How did he get down there?

North County, who do you think normally spends time in the riverbed this time of year? Dollars to doughnuts it was probably a homeless person. Which is an assumption on my part for sure, but a reasoned one. Most people with their wits about them do not venture to such places unless it is a last resort. Exposure to the elements creates hypothermia and good judgment is the first thing to go when stressed. Thank goodness for his “Obama Phone”, and our first responders courage.

What I am left to wonder about is if Paso Robles has provided any emergency shelter for their known homeless population that resides there.