Paso Robles man accused of trafficking cannabis

January 20, 2023


A Paso Robles man is headed to trial following an arrest for allegedly trafficking black market cannabis on Interstate 44 in Missouri.

On Thursday, Silvestre Avila Villanueva, 31, waived a preliminary trial. The court then set Avila Villanueva’s trial for Feb. 26, according to Yahoo News.

On Oct. 7, 2022, a state trooper pulled Avila Villanueva over for following to closely. After determining he appeared nervous, the trooper searched Avila Villanueva trunk and found 20.5 pounds of marijuana.

A juvenile passenger in the back seat told the trooper he was unaware of the cannabis in the trunk, leading prosecutors to include a charge of child endangerment against Avila Villanueva.

Avila Villanueva, 31, is facing charges of possession and delivery of a controlled substance and child endangerment.

San Luis Obispo County is gaining a reputation as a hot spot for black market cannabis. In 2021, deputies in Nebraska arrested a Paso Robles teen caught trafficking 145 pounds of cannabis on Interstate 80.

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It is a reasonable assumption that the transporters are connected to Helios Daysprings’ organized crime group, given that the majority – if not all – of the cannabis currently grown in San Luis Obispo County is connected to Dayspring, Megan’s Organic Market, and SLOCAL Roots, which have been implicated in a City of San Luis Obispo permitting fraud.

Adam Hill is not dead, his legacy lives on.

Cannabis is legal, in some form, everywhere in the US except Kansas, Nebraska and Idaho, and I bet you it is in those states … everywhere. Hopeless fight

Yes, same as alcohol, the issue is the taxes.