SLO County Judge under quarantine, using Zoom

January 7, 2023

Judge Matt Guerrero


San Luis Obispo Court Judge Matt Guerrero is under quarantine and unable to attend legal proceedings at the courthouse, according to an email informing local attorneys of the issue.

Guerrero is quarantined until approximately Jan. 12. He is currently presiding over hearings and trials through Zoom,

The email did not disclose the reason for the quarantine.

“Instead of going dark, Judge Guerrero will be appearing remotely,” according to the email. “He is requesting that all parties and counsel appear via Zoom to the extent possible.”

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Thank you for your service, Judge Guerrero. You have always been a fine family man, good neighbor and hard worker in your many years as a San Luis Obispo county resident. Your respect for fairness and the letter of the law is greatly appreciated. It is your kind of diligence that preserves democracy and keeps our citizens free from tyranny.

Trust this man’s comment. He is a self-proclaimed “Great Guy,” after all.

Wait, Judge G, is this you?

Are you certain you are talking about the right guy?

This is the judge purportedly responsibility for John Wallace’s trial being moved to Santa Maria because of previous involvement (enablement or at least condonation) of Wallace’s antics in the South SLO County Sanitation District. It made him a potential witness in Wallace’s trial apparently disqualifying ALL SLO County Judges.

Also, this is the judge who effectively gave a pass to Arata et. al. to “allegedly” block the freeway, assault members of the public, and extort businesses. His decision to preclude the entire SLO County DA’s office from prosecuting the case essentially left no one to prosecute.

His latest recklessness relates to his decision to leave a child in the home with a stepmother who “allegedly” assaulted the child’s mother (I think she may have been found guilty by now, but not certain hence the inclusion of the term allegedly.)

This is not a judge whom I would characterize as having “respect for fairness and the letter of the law “, nor having “diligence that preserves democracy and keeps our citizens free from tyranny”. He appears to me to be the very personification of tyranny. BTW, we are not a democracy. We are a representative republic, or at least that was the intent of the founding fathers. Based upon the magnitude of dislikes you have managed to garner, I am apparently not alone in my opinion.

Maybe you are thinking of someone else.

Good neighbor? I think not. Guerrero is the guy who opens the door for his dog to run out and crap on the neighbors lawn before he calls it back.

No, he doesn’t pick up after.

Matt wants people to think he’s a great guy, but his years on the sanitation district prove otherwise. He’s a snake!