SLO Judge dismisses Jodry family’s wrongful death suit

January 7, 2023

Thomas Jodry


A San Luis Obispo County judge on Thursday dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of an Atascadero man who fell from a parking garage.

On Sept. 14, 2019, David Knight took Thomas Jodry to the Frog and Peach, where he bought him multiple drinks. Thomas Jodry, 21, had a blood alcohol of .38, more than four times the legal limit, when he fell to his death from a garage located at the corner of Marsh and Chorro streets in SLO

In the suit, the Jodrys accuse Knight of supplying their son with an excessive amount of alcohol and then abandoning him. They allege Knight “negligently and proximately caused Thomas Jodry’s death.”

After leaving Frog & Peach, Knight and Thomas Jodry walked in the SLO downtown area, according to the judge’s tentative ruling which provides previously unreleased information.

“Thomas was yelling offensive names at women, Knight repeatedly asked Thomas to stop,” according to the ruling. “Thomas was hit by an unidentified man after he called his female companion an offensive name, but Thomas said he was ‘fine’ after. Thomas also spun around with his arms out and fell down, scraping his face and hands on the ground, but did not complain that he was hurt.”

In regards to the allegation Knight abandoned Thomas Jodry, Knight said he did not call 911 because he did not think the 21-year-old needed medical attention.

Shortly after Thomas Jodry fell to his death, Knight identified the body, but told officers he did not want to be on the record.

“I know him, but I don’t want to be on the record that I know him,” Knight told officers.

Knight’s attorney argued that the defendant was not required to care for or provide transportation to Thomas Jodry. The judge agreed and dismissed the case.

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‘Not required to provide care or transportation’ DK gets Tommy drunk, offers a ride, picks him up at his home, tries to ‘fondle’ him at a bar. Oh takes him to Montana De Oro(well known for homosexual meetings) after a no go at Poly. DK knows what kind of time he expected or hoped for, Tommy, a sweet young man, with no knowledge of the type of scum predator he had encountered. But hell no, how the hell did this man (blah use that term loosely) get another judge to believe his bs again? FFS protect that POS? Teach your kids signs and ways Mo’s try to get what they want.

Rot away in that shack. Peace to the other souls that got infected by dk. I hope they haunt you.

Much love and peace MJ and Bill, always on your side. You know me.

Knight is a notorious “Chicken Hawk”, but I guess that sort of thing isn’t admissible in a court of law.

There is so much about this incident that just does not smell right. Mr. Knight who has a previous molestation conviction and is decades older than Thomas Jodry purposefully preys on a young man, plies him with alcohol then leaves him downtown knowing he has no way to get home, takes his phone and this young man ends up dead. If this had been a 21 year old female college student, the outcry would be huge and public opinion would demand an in depth criminal investigation. We still are plagued with gender biases and there has been no justice for Thomas.

From another perspective listen to the parents accounts of that night as interviewed by Dave Congalton.

“Knight was observed on the Video to be getting more handsy on Thomas, and was observed to pull Thomas by the bill of his cap, toward Knights crotch. Thomas was quite upset by this behavior, and left ahead of Knight and walked in the opposite direction of Knights car.”

Knight reads like a drunk-you-rape-you type.