SLO County Supervisors move forward with plan to raise salaries

January 25, 2023


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 on Tuesday to bring back a discussion about raising their own salaries by 20.8%, with supervisors John Peschong and Jimmy Paulding dissenting.

Supervisors Dawn Ortiz Legg and Bruce Gibson were in favor of moving forward and raising their salaries. Supervisor Paulding was concerned that his first vote as a supervisor would be to raise his own salary, and voted no.

As he has in the past, Supervisor Peschong voted not to raise supervisor salaries. Supervisor Debbie Arnold said she wanted to bring the issue back to the board for discussion.

The county is seeking to raise the supervisors’ pay in order to insure a 25% difference in salaries between supervisors and aides, according to a staff report.

  • Effective April 16, 2023: increase the annual salary from $90,417.60 to $103,979.20
  • Effective June 25, 2023: increase the annual salary from $103,979.20 to $106,597.20
  • Effective June 23, 2024: increase the annual salary from $106,597.20 to $109,241.60

“Subsequent to June 23, 2024, members of the Board of Supervisors shall receive the same percentage increase to their annual salary that is applied to the annual salary of the legislative assistant classification,” according to county documents. “This increase shall also be applied at the same time the increase is applied to the legislative assistant classification.”

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a big raise because they’ve done such a splendid job? HA!

So the aides are paid a fortune for actually doing the work but the Supervisors must have a 25% higher salary to keep them above the overpaid people that do the work. Sounds logical to me why would you pay a government employee actually what they are worth? We can’t have that for the better than you people in gov

I would like to see an improvement in living conditions in this county before these people get a raise.

I distinctly recall being heavily down voted when I posted, after the election, the consequences of voting for anyone who leans left politically, will be more theft of our taxes.

Well, whaddyaknow!

So instead of raising their own salaries, lower that of their aides to reach the 25% difference. Question, what is the current yearly salary of their aides? What is the cost of their benefits? I can almost guarantee, it’s more than the average income in the county. With what the overcompensated Supervisor currently make, that would put their aides’ salaries between $70, 000 and $80,000 a year not including their benefits. All over paid.

Any Supervisor that votes to increase their own salary, is not worthy to serve. How about they vote to put before the county residents next election cycle. Let their constituents decide on the increase. Sounds fair and logical. Hey Jimmy, why don’t you suggest that.

Doesn’t seem too high to me. You need to be rich to live in SLO these days. The more civil servants get paid, the better talent you attract. The less they get paid, the greater the opportunity-cost of engaging in real corruption (bribery) becomes. Public officials deserve good salaries, lest only rich people get in the game.

You get paid ACCORDING to your talent in that particular field of expertise.

Adam Hill was a fine example of wasting a lot of tax money, on a zero talent civil servant.

With the damage Jimmy Paulding did on the AG city council no one should be surprised, there will be more to come.

What so-called “damage”? By nearly all accounts Jim Paulding did a great job as a city council person in Arroyo grande. So much so that his work they are catapulted him to the position on the board of supervisors, despite district maps gerrymandered to make it more difficult for him.

It seems most of Mr. Paulding critics are people who don’t live in his district. Those who do, tend to favor him as a politician, and that’s why he has been elected.

It’s just a matter of time before Bruce Gibson “Adam Hills” Jimmy to get him in line on the next vote. Jimmy boy put out the smoke screen this vote. Trust me, the backdoor deal is already in. Jimmy WILL give in to Bruce “the angry manipulator” Gibson to increase the personal wealth on the backs of the hard-working county taxpayer.

Hey Jimmy, again, make a motion to put the increase in the hands of the voters. It will pass 3-2 with Gibson and Ortiz-Legg voting against it.