SLO County’s new board majority launch their agenda

January 25, 2023


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors liberal majority launched their agenda on Tuesday. Their priorities include a new redistricting map, water banking, reversing a planting ordinance, joining new agencies and changing spending priorities.

In closed session, the board voted 3-2 to negotiate with SLO County Citizens for Good Government and three SLO County residents regarding a lawsuit challenging the county’s redistricting map, with supervisor John Peschong and Debbie Arnold dissenting. The plaintiffs argued the map benefited the Republican Party at the expense of Democrats and Latinos.

However, a judge determined the redistricting map did not impact Latinos and was unsure if it impacted Democrats.

If the new board majority makes a substantial mid-decade change in the map, that does not follow the Fair Maps Act, critics will likely file a lawsuit.

During a discussion about spending, Supervisor Bruce Gibson suggested removing county road repairs from the priority list.

“Less is more,” Gibson said while pushing a focus on homelessness, behavioral health and housing.

Supervisor Debbie Arnold argued to keep road maintenance on the priority list.

“Our residents drive to work on our roads,” Arnold said. “Safety and roads are really important.”

The board then voted 3-2 to remove roads from the list, with supervisors Peschong and Arnold dissenting.

Supervisor Paulding asked county staff to agendize his plan to adopt Community Choice Energy. If adopted, residents will continue to receive their electric bills through PG&E, with the cost of Community Choice Energy added to their bill.

Paulding also wants to return to the SLO County Integrated Waste Management Authority, which will result in some county resident receiving higher trash bills. Paulding noted that adding the county to the IWMA could lower bills for those already in the IWMA, which bills almost twice what the county charges for the same services.

The board then voted to work to reverse an ordinance that allowed small farmers who stopped growing during an earlier drought to have up to 25 acre feet of water a year.

Another controversial proposal was the liberal majority’s plan to promote water banking in the Paso Robles Basin, a plan that is opposed by a majority of north county residents.

Supervisor Paulding also asked staff to develop new revenue sources, which he suggested could increases in sales tax and transient occupancy tax.

Community watchdog Mike Brown questioned adding additional layers of government during a downturn in the economy.

“This will increase the size of government, increase taxes and fees, and empower the bureaucracy even more,” Brown said.

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Big Fat Bureaucrats. First on the agenda? A big fat raise for themselves. Not the “Golden State”, no. The “Stupid State” is most appropriate.

New agenda looks great to me. Saving money and Spending wisely for the benefit of the vast majority of citizens, not just the wealthiest one percent. This is a Board that’s going to get things done in a good way in our county. Thank goodness this is a republic founded on the principles of democracy and majority rule. And all those who have fought and continue to fight for it and the rights of all citizens.

Water banking.

There is an ordonnance that forbid water banking.

This is the new lie about gibson.:he has no desire to bank the water.The board removed Peshong from the Paso basin comitee because mr peshong did absolutly nothing to protect our water.

So no, we are not going to sell the water to other counties.

THE NEW BOARD MAJORITY is going to protect this Paso waterand make sure that it is a community asset.

This is rich from Gibson: “Less is more,” Gibson said while pushing a focus on homelessness, behavioral health and housing.

Yes Bruce, behavioral health should be prioritized. Starting with your own.

Same old story: Republicans break things, Democrats fix things. Sure, it costs money to fix things. Unfortunately there isn’t a way beyond the ballot box to charge the folks who like to break things.

Did you even read the part about roads? And rejoining the crooked IWMA? These aren’t democrats. They’re a cabal of greed led by Gibson.

How much money did Community Choice donate to Paulding?

Clearly more than PG&E, but probably less than the unions.

Tyranny under color of law is still tyranny.

Not tyranny. Elections have consequences. I’m sorry your side has gone off the rails in recent years, and mostly can’t get elected for dog catcher. Look at Cunningham, he knew he couldn’t win simply because he had an R after his name. The county seriously rigged the election for supervisor, yet, Bruce “MAGA” Jones could not get elected.

If Republicans come back to what they were 30 years ago, they will have a chance. Stop demonizing immigrants, stop treating women like second-class citizens, stop making government out to be the bad guy, stop advocating for gun rights, etc.

Come back to the Republican principles of men like Ronald Reagan (gave amnesty to millions of undocumented workers), Bob Lagomarsino (always advocated for farm workers because he knew the farmers would prosper with happy workers) and Mr. Cunningham, who at least recognized that global warming was a problem.

The GOP gets that it’s a shrinking party — hence the voter suppression laws and the nonstop red meat of xenophobic conspiracy theories to keep the Republican base happy at the expense of the rest of us. Next? an aggressive creed-mixing libertarian hostility to government with reactionary cultural views, all wrapped in the super-patriotic rhetoric of American greatness.

In California, they could move back to the center. Kevin Faulconer would have been an acceptable alternative for governor for many who feel that one-party rule is a negative. So, too, Cunningham.

Unfortunately these good candidates saw they would be lumped together with Trump, McClintock, Elder, and the other wackos of the Republican Party.

I believe the state and the nation needs two viable parties that differ on the issues, but our willing to compromise when that is the right thing to do.

Until that happens, California will vote Democrat, to its chagrin.

Couldn’t have said it better. Californians are looking for change on lots of issues, but the Republican Party of California seems intent on being as far, if not further, right as Texas, or Louisiana, or Wyoming. The crazy caucus of the GOP is in charge and would rather lose than meet the voters where they are. If you think Trumpism can work in California, you’re delusional, while conservatism has a chance.

Road repair not important something that affects everyone but homelessness.behavioral health (what ever that is) and housing in a county that has such high fees no one can afford a house any way except them as they will make over $100,000 soon. Everything they seemed to mention in their agenda costs more for the people as it usually does but they are going to vote themselves a raise to cover but you can’t. Typical Dem government

Redistricting… “Sue and settle” comes to SLO.

If you can’t get what you want from Representative Democracy cheat. With sue and settle you don’t even need corrupt courts, what a deal!

If you can’t get what you want from Representative Democracy cheat by claiming things were “stolen”. Next? Claim you are being replaced.

Rinse and repeat, the shame of the gop.